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Fixing botched filler treatment

Filling your best

In this social media crazed world we live in, have you noticed how women seem to share a lot of facial features? Everywhere you look there are glass-smooth foreheads that don’t move, heavy plump cheeks, and pronounced lips. What happened to being the best version of yourself?

Dr. Steinsapir operates an exclusive boutique cosmetic surgery practice in Beverly Hills, California. Dedicated to meeting the unique facial and eyelid surgery needs of his patients. To do that, he developed the Microdroplet Lift®, a patented Botox® method. A method that actually lifts and relaxes the forehead at the same time. Forehead lines are smoother without the frozen look. He offers detailed eyelid surgeries that are uniquely customized to your issues. Dr Steinsapir is world-renowned for his innovative approach to fixing past unsatisfactory eyelid surgeries. He also brings his analytical and artistic skills to facial and periocular fillers.

For many, this isn’t their first rodeo. Why would people fly from as far away as Dubai to have an enzyme and filler treatment with Dr. Steinsapir? These are individuals who’ve had service elsewhere but never found the perfect result. For many, it has been a love/hate relationship. Each encounter starts out so promising only to disappoint at the end. Dr. Steinsapir sees many patients who aren’t satisfied with a botched filler. Many come to see Dr. Steinsapir because they’re pretty sure it is time for real quality work. For some, they are right. But for so many others, there’s a relief and enormous surprise. Due to learning that it’s their past filler services that are the source of their premature aging. Often after years of facial fillers, they have simply lost track of what their face should look like.

Case Study

Fixing botched filler before and after

How to Fix Old Fillers?

The old filler provided was hyaluronic acid filler, needs removal with an enzyme called hyaluronidase. This enzyme injects into the face where it’s needed most. It immediately goes to work to breakdown and remove the old filler.

How long can filler stay in the face?

Would it surprise you to learn that it can hang around for 8 or more years after it was originally placed? It’s shocking to know. Yes, originally the companies said the products lasted about 6 months. Now we say up to a year. What we really mean is that the best of the filler service lasts about a year. It might be 10 months, 11 months or more but at some point, that original filler service will need a topped off. A top-off is a treatment that may be the same volume as what you had originally. Though generally, it will be less because you still have volume there. It is just that it is not doing everything it once did.

When you have filler on top of the filler, year after year, the filler will accumulate in the face. What is interesting is that we come to accept the new face like our face. After a year, one does not say to themselves, gosh I should have the old filler removed and get just what I need. We accept the new face like our face. Neuroscientists will say our brains have a certain “plasticity”. Meaning our brains have flexibility in what we’ll accept as our face. Weird-right?

Where does old filler go?

In some cases, it stays close to where it was originally put. Aging product holds water is strange ways. As fillers sit in the face, they are slowly broken down by the body. Over time they hold water differently than when first place. What might have been an awesome treatment a year or more ago can hold more water than it did originally. The area can look puff-not such a good thing in the green fluorescent lights of certain bathrooms. In other cases, the filler used did not stay where it was originally put.

Many of the so-called smooth fillers rapidly migrate after placement. The marketers might call them ‘smooth,” but “runny” might be much more accurate. The product placed at the top of the cheek can drift over time as low as the jawline. Low G prime fillers like Belotero, Juvederm, Voluma, and Restylane Silk are more likely to drift after placement. When compared to high G prime fillers like Restylane and Lyft. Volume low in the face will make you look older. I don’t know any adults who actually want to look older.

How to fix botched fillers?

Fortunately, there’s help now. It starts with realizing you have a problem. If you think you have a problem or you aren’t sure but you wonder, then, yes you have a problem. Some times people live with funky treatment for a while. Then one day, under a horrible green fluorescent light, all doubt is removed. It is not Dr. Steinsapir’s goal to beat up on prior, well-meaning injectors. He will focus on making you look your best.  During your consultation scheduling, you’re advised to avoid certain things. Such as products and medication that increase bruising. At your consultation, Dr. Steinsapir will talk to you in detail about prior treatment.

He will review photographs of your face when you were younger, and prior to any filler treatments. If they are available. Even if ideal photographs aren’t available, he knows facial volume. He is able to analyze the face and has an uncanny knack for knowing where you need and don’t need volume to look your best. He will usually do an enzyme service and have you back when the treatment has settled. At a second visit, he’ll perform whatever filler treatment you will benefit from now. This will be as early as three days after the enzyme service or as many as 7 to 10 days. Most out of town patients get enzyme when they’re seen and treated 3 days later. You are at your best when you have the least amount of volume that gets the job done.

Call now to schedule your personal assessment. We look forward to making you look and feel amazing.