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Blepharoplasty for Men

Is male blepharoplasty different than female blepharoplasty? The simple answer is yes, absolutely. Blepharoplasty for women is really all about making the eyes look more dramatic. For the most part, for men, it is not at all about drama. For men, they just want to look younger, fresher, more rested without calling attention to themselves. It is about maintaining or improving their competitive edge. Nothing does that better than looking 10 years younger. This can be done conservatively.

The key for guys is getting that work done with the least amount of down time and without a trace of having had surgery. The last thing you need is finding yourself explainingthat you are healing from cosmetic eyelid surgery to your Thursday night poker group, your marketing department, or your boss. Okay, some groups might be more okay with this than others, but for the most part you don’t need others in your business. For that reason, it is essential to plan a blepharoplasty that makes a difference but does not call unnecessary attention to the fact that you just had surgery.

For most men, and this isnot really different for executive women, the biggest factor with these surgeries will be down time-which nobody has. It is reasonable to expect that by 10 days after surgery, even without make up (also called camouflage) it should be possible to have a client meeting or an have an ex-parte with a judge without calling attention to yourself. Generally you will be beat up a bit before this. However, most guys find that they can comfortably be on the phone the next day after eyelid surgery. It is always Dr. Steinsapir’s preference for you can give yourself several days after surgery before jumping back into your workflow but he understands that is not always possible.

Blepharoplasty for Men

So how do you get your eyes to look better without being overdone? Ever wondered if Kenny Rogers can’t get good surgery, what are your chances? After all, these stars can presumably go to the “best.” Dr. Steinsapir fixes the work of many surgeons. What he finds in these cases is very typical. Generally the mistake is the performance of aggressive upper blepharoplasty without an effort to stabilize the upper eyelid tendon. Dr. Steinsapir avoids these problems by bringing an advanced understanding of eyelid anatomy and how to avoid pitfalls that can develop with surgery. He has vast experience in performing and innovating eyelid surgery.

That allows him to develop an individualized plan for you that avoids common pitfalls that less experienced or less extensively trained surgeons often fail to appreciate. Dr. Steinsapir begins your surgical planning with a detailed consultation. He carefully listens to your concerns, analyzes your health and surgical history before performing a detailed examination. That examination includes detailed photographs, measurements, and sketches to diagnose the basis for your eyelid issues. That data is used to formulate a unique plan for you. This personalized approach means that you get a surgery that is tailored to your anatomic needs and your schedule.

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Dr. Steinsapir takes a less is more approach. That might mean a skin only upper blepharoplasty to reduce the risk of dry eye after surgery. Heavy eyebrows can be addressed with an endoscopic forehead lift even if a thinning hairline is an issue. This is a much better alternative than direct brow lifts that put visible scars on the face. Dr. Steinsapir is fundamentally opposed to surgeries that leave tell tale evidence that you have had work done: men need plausible deniability. For the lower eyelid, Dr. Steinsapir may recommend fillers or chemical peel as an alternative to lower eyelid surgery if that is a better option for you.You have choices and he will guide you through those choices because one size does not fit all.

Consider where you surgery will be performed: A state of the art, accredited operating room or someone’s unaccredited back office procedure room? In the State of California, intravenous sedation (IV sedation) can only be performed in licensed and accredited operating rooms. Have you seen a surgeon who is pushing just local anesthesia for surgery? Generally this means they do not have an accredited operating room. They are doing surgery in a back office procedure room. Sure it can be done. You might even be able to tolerate a root canal without anesthesia, but why? Individuals can have eyelid surgery under local anesthesia but it is less comfortable than having surgery under intravenous sedation in an accredited operating room. Dr. Steinsapir is extremely proud of his state of the art, accredited operating rooms that are in his surgery center, located in his office. You will probably be shown the operating rooms but if not, just ask to seem them.Dr. Steinsapir works with licensed nurse anesthetists and board certified anesthesiologists.

The staff for surgery also includes a registered nurse, and a certified scrub technician. Each member of the team has 10 or more years of experience ensuring a very smooth flow on the day of your surgery. This means that you are very comfortable at every stage of the procedure. We know you are tough, but we want you to be relaxed for your eyelid surgery.Every thing is much better when you don’t have to worry about your comfort. Offices that do not have an accredited operating room can only offer local anesthesia. Dr. Steinsapir very much likes intravenous sedation because you are very comfortable during your procedure, the sedation can easily be adjusted by the anesthesia provider, yet when needed you can cooperate with Dr. Steinsapir simply by making an adjustment in the sedation. Finally these drugs are very short acting so recovery is also smooth and rapid.

What is post-operative care like for eyelid surgery? Your post-operative care starts before surgery. We will carefully review with you what over the counter products should be avoided to reduce the risk of bruising with surgery. That makes a huge difference. The office will work with you before surgery to make sure your recovery is as uneventful as possible. If you are traveling from out of town, you might need a night nurse for the first night or in some cases, a recovery facility. This is Beverly Hills so all of those resources are available. For individuals who live locally and have a responsible adult who can be with them after surgery, you can often return home for your recovery. It is important that you have set a side time for recovery after surgery. That generally means that no, the week after surgery is not the time to go with the family to Disneyland, Palm Springs, or a quickie trip to Las Vegas. Dr. Steinsapir will ask you to be within a few miles of the office for the first few days. Typically with eyelid surgery, you will be seen the day after surgery, sometimes every day or every other day post-operatively, and then 5 days later. If you have an issue or concern, the doctor will want to see you so if are not in the immediate area, an unplanned visit will be challenging. Generally your workout will be restricted for about 10 days, longer in some cases.

Male Blepharoplasty Beverly Hills & Los Angeles

Dr. Steinsapir will speak to you about the nature of your workout, what exercise is safe to do, and when precisely you can return to this workout. Initially, there is swelling and bruising but for most people who carefully follow Dr. Steinsapir’s post operative instructions, they find they can be on the phone, the day after surgery, and return to work at the end of 7 to 10 days. At that point most people will not be aware that you just had surgery. Full healing takes longer but that does not prevent most individuals from returning to their work responsibilities.

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