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Plastic Surgery Patient Testimonials

It is difficult for me to fully describe my gratitude to Dr. Steinsapir for restoring my eyes, and my faith in the medical profession. Two years ago, I had a very unfortunate blepharoplasty with another surgeon who removed too much skin – leaving me with large eyelid platforms, drooping lids, and hollow, rounded, sad-looking eyes. Each and every time I looked in the mirror, I was heartbroken.

During my initial consultation, Dr. Steinsapir amazed me with his empathy, and his detailed and lengthy evaluation of my eyes. He took numerous measurements, photos, and even sketched the appearance of my eyes – documenting the areas of concern in minute detail. Dr. Steinsapir truly understands the emotional devastation that people experience as the result of a poor surgical outcome. His manner is very gentle, kind, and informative. For the first time, I felt that my concerns were being acknowledged. At the end of my visit, I felt comfortable that Dr. Steinsapir possessed the surgical skills and the meticulous attention to detail that would give me the best chance of a successful revision.

It has been just over 3 weeks since my surgery, and I am extremely pleased with the results. I understand that there is still some eyelid swelling that will take months to fully resolve – however, I already have a tremendous improvement in both the appearance and the comfort of my eyes. For the first time in 2 years, I am able to function during the day without my eyes feeling constantly tired and heavy. And, I am beginning to overcome the dread of looking in the mirror. I no longer feel sadness and revulsion when I look at my eyes. It is amazing to be able to recognize myself again!

I was also impressed by the efficiency of Faith, the patient coordinator. Faith is unbelievably organized, and she was able to arrange my consultation and subsequent surgery within a remarkably short period of time. I found Faith to be very compassionate, kind, and understanding of my situation. What could have been an overwhelming and time-consuming endeavor, was skillfully condensed into a simple and smooth process. And, I was very appreciative that Faith returned all of my emails within 24 hours…usually within only a couple of hours. Given the number of patients’ appointments and surgeries she is orchestrating, I found this to be truly incredible.

“I am extremely pleased with the results”

I am in the entertainment industry and was very interested in learning more about Dr. Steinsapir’s Microdroplet BOTOX. He is the inventor. After reading about him online and asking around the industry, I learned that it is one of the most natural-looking types of Botox on the market. I went in for a consultation and was impressed by the staff and Dr. Steinsapir. I am in love with the treatment; it has done wonders to my face. When it comes to getting work done on my face, I only settle for the best.

“I only settle for the best”

I was recommend to go see this doctor from my cousin, and I am so happy that I did! I had visited other doctors before to get Botox but I hadn’t felt to comfortable with any of them until I met Dr. Steinsapir. He makes you feel really comfortable and his staff are just amazing! I will absolutely go there again and recommend others to go visit him.

“He makes you feel really comfortable and his staff are just amazing!”

Dark undereye circles are not easy to treat!! I looked specifically for a highly skilled injector who had demonstrated success with this restylane technique and wow did i find the right doctor. Of course I could not resist some additional filler (Perlane and Restylane) as well as Botox. I’ve also had TCA peels (Dr. Steinsapir is a master peeler). I’m 50. I wanted to look 40. I easily pass for younger than that. An accomplished surgeon who volunteers his time helping patients at UCLA. Bright and communicative, this doctor spends time with you. When comparing prices understand that this practitioner does all of the work himself (!) Priceless!

“Dr. Steinsapir is a master peeler”

About 6 years ago, I was fortunate to get help from Dr. Steinsapir for facial liposuction / resculpting. I was impressed with his expertise, genuine kindness to his patients, and the fact that he never made anyone feel as though they were asking a “dumb” or “silly” question. I found out later that he specializes in plastic surgery mistakes, so that sometimes, he has a new patient requiring significant accommodation because of their emotional and physical distress. He also tries to do as many procedures as possible in the office, under local anesthesia, not only to reduce costs, but also to ensure fewer possible side-effects which can occur with a general anesthesia. Faith, who handles the billing, worked directly with the finance company, to be sure that I would be approved, and that it was a payment schedule I could afford.

In response to other posts on Yelp, I don’t think she charges a high price and then claims to discount it for you. There is a market price for any service. Some people can afford to pay the market price, and for some, Dr. Steinsapir may choose to offer a discount. The quality of medical treatment offered totally justifies the prices Dr. Steinsapir charges.

6+ years later, I still marvel at the difference in my face and do not begrudge the cost.

I have friends who traveled to Mexico for “low cost” cosmetic surgery – and the results are not impressive. Do you really want to save a few dollars on a medical procedure on your own face or body, when you may have to pay a lot more later, to ‘fix’ it or ‘refresh it?’

“I was impressed with his expertise, genuine kindness to his patients”

Will be flying to meet with Dr. Steinsapir in the coming month from Austin, TX. I am absolutely floored by the level of care, emotional support, and time that his Medical Assistant, Faith, has offered me during a very frightening and emotionally draining experience. I am experiencing severe on-going eye and upper face conditions as a result of a series of botched botox jobs from a Dermatologist here in Austin. I have researched extensively, searching for the Best Ocular Plastic surgeon and Dr. Steinsapir’s credentials and expertise are clearly at the very Top of his field. I met with a local Ocular Plastic Surgeon as well, but, he does not seem to be nearly as familiar with the serious and on-going (1-year)! side-effects and symptoms that I am experiencing. Dr. Steinsapir and his staff are not only extensive in their knowledge of what I’m experiencing, but, they are also very sensitive to the emotional ramifications that botched cosmetic work can have on a patient. I am choosing to fly to LA to have my eyes and upper face evaluated and potentially treated by Dr. Steinsapir. You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind, and after everything I’ve been through I will not trust my eyes and upper face with anyone but the absolute best.

“Best Ocular Plastic surgeon”

I found Dr Steinsapir’s work to be outstanding. He filled restylane under my eyes and I truly looked years younger. I tried other doctors but they did not know how to do this process. It lasted way beyond the promised time period. There was a very high level of professionalism in respect of his work and the in depth questions with regard to my health before he even started. The lady I met with first, I found to be very thorough, very professional. I also liked the fact that when I asked whether I should have more filler the doctor was honest and said definately not I do not need more in that area and he was right. I would go back to Dr Steinsapir without a doubt he did an amazing job. I since referred a friend and she too had a great result.

“He did an amazing job”