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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Steinsapir is truly embodies the importance of the human being behind any procedure or treatment. There are so many doctors that have amazing credentials, certifications, (and deceiving great reviews) but the accolades don’t translate… But I can vouch 100% on the quality and detail that translates for Dr. Steinsapir & Faith Gomberg. He fixed the filler under my eyes and in my malar festoons. I previously went to another doctor in Beverly Hills (who is rated 5 stars on RealSelf) – who seemed like a great solution to my chronic under-eye bags. This doctor started out trying to persuade me to do his patented Blepharoplasty surgery… I’m 25 years old and I want to avoid surgery – and I hadn’t even tried a non-surgical procedure yet. Why would such a doctor try to push me to do such an invasive procedure when it was clear that methodical filler would do the trick? That was the first red flag. Then he filled my under-eyes in under 2 minutes and caused my face to bleed profusely. I had bruises for a 1 month. Clearly that other doctor did not have the care and compassion of Dr. Steinsapir. This doctor was a machine. Dr. Steinsapir is an ARTIST. BE CAREFUL! Initially I hesitated to Dr. Steinsapir because of the price – how much more of a difference could be worth it for this much money? The other doctor was just as highly rated but was much cheaper. I never realized until seeing Dr. Steinsapir that sometimes you really DO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Filler is not something just ANYONE can do – it’s not a turn-key solution – the person who does it is ESSENTIAL. I met with Dr. Steinsapir after being unhappy with my other Doctor. I would not compromise quality for price anymore. Right upon meeting him, he was so kind, thoughtful and classy! He right away emphasized NOT doing surgery and that he always avoids that unless absolutely necessary. Faith Gomberg, the medical consultant, was absolutely amazing as well. First-class help and kindness – she spent so much time explaining things to me and on the phone with me to talk about the procedures. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She cares just as much about the end result as you do! When Dr. Steinsapir did the procedure, he spent 20 minutes on each under-eye – so extremely methodical – he’s like a master artist. He’s sees your whole face and the aesthetic to match the procedure – opposed to other doctors who work like a robot. I cannot recommend Dr. Steinsapir enough. I am SO HAPPY with my results. He saved my under-eyes. He fixed the mess-up from the other doctor. The filler under my eyes had dropped down making my cheeks look puffy and actually increased my malar festoon lines. My face now has more of a heart shape and I feel confident smiling for pictures and not wearing make-up to cover my eye-bags. I’m getting married in a few months and I know I’m going to feel the most confident on the big day! Thank you Dr. Steinsapir!

Ratings for Dr. Kenneth D. Steinsapir

First I must stress that I never write reviews on anything whether my opinion/experience is good, indifferent or bad with any services. I Felt I need to take this time to sincerely firstly praise Dr.Steinsapir, Faith and the medical team. Secondly, hopefully, my writings will benefit, encourage and give confidence to readers out there to seek out Dr Steinsapir for assistance especially in cases where you have had a previous below par/botched surgical outcome(s).

Just by reading Dr.Steinsapir’s answers to peoples questions on this site, very shortly you realise that he always glaringly sticks out, amongst the rest of the doctors that answer. His commentary and advice are enlightening, educational, highly detailed and comes from a place that only someone with true wisdom and understanding of what they are talking about can write. The words that he writes jump out of the screen and speak to you, you find comfort and he breaks it down in a logical easy way so it makes complete sense to the reader every time.

Unbeknown to him just via his commentary, publications, videos Dr.Steinsapir’s is educating, supporting and helping droves of people all over the world he is their light in their time of darkness. I only truly understood what was wrong with my upper eyelids after finding Dr.Steinsapir’s writings on posts and his videos.

For 2 year I never understood what was wrong with my upper lids.Originally rather spontaneously both upper eyelids became hollowed out like the fat had disappeared, heavy closed down upper eyelids, wrinkly bunched skin, looked like I hadn’t slept in years… I was 29 years oldat the time so that look was not going to pass at all!

I went to two different surgeons who suggested firstly (fat graphing & skin removal)
The second surgeon (fat graphing again) I got absolutely violated by them not knowing themselves what my issue was. Followed by them giving me a wrong diagnosis and then doing unnecessary and damaging things in attempting to repair my upper lids.

I was left in an even worse position, long high visible scars, most of the incisions were not even stitched together properly so I ended up with widened scars, sunken high non-existant creases, extremely worse hollowed out empty upper lids, a big lump of protruding dead fat! In general, just bulky uneven upper eyelids from poorly placed fat graphing. A TOTAL MESS! And out by a considerable amount of money! Not only was I suffering aesthetically but anatomy wise too. I had this extremely uncomfortable squeezed tight pain it literally felt like someone was pulling my upper eyelid muscles backwards from the inside because the first surgeon left 3 bundles of stitches in both of the upper lids!? He never even told me a thing about that. I only happened to discover it when I was plucking my eyebrows one day under a strong light I could see these bluish knots under my skin when I pulled it taut! I could not roll my eyes upwards and the worst thing was my eyes didn’t close when I slept!

BE WARNED! You can not find a surgeon closer to home or cheaper! There is absolutely no ‘alternative’ Dr.Steinsapir’s! Especially UK/EU citizens you will fail miserably on trying to find a highly skilled oculoplastic surgeon on this side of the Atlantic ocean! Please do not be discouraged if you have to travel or you believe his fees are expensive, you are doing a massive injustice to yourself! I thought I would try to play it smart I thought, Ok what I will do is find a UK/EU oculoplastic ASOPRS surgeon and explain Dr.Steinsapir method to them.

I sought out more than half a dozen UK surgeons majority of them never responded back, 2 of them who are popular names on Realself just told me sorry nothing they can do to help! And they have the audacity to call themselves supposed experts! What a joke! One told me nothing was wrong with my eyelids maybe I was ‘Imaging my problems’.

I then travelled to Spain I saw 2 different surgeons I explained Dr.Steinsapir method to them. In a nutshell, they both told me that what I was seeking was ‘unrealistic’ and ‘crazy’. They both encouraged fat graphing which I went along with one surgeon and had done, but it was wrong and did absolutely nothing to fix my problem only made everything worse.

Please do not be that fool like me! Trust your initiative once you are graced to find Dr.Steinsapir stick and go to him especially if you have had previous unsatisfactory/botched eyelid surgery. He is unique in his craft, as he is the only surgeon in the west that successfully is practising and executing the ‘anchor blepharoplasty’ technique. If you are suffering from (PUBS) Post Upper Blepharoplasty Syndrome ) then only Dr.Steinsapir can accomplish that type of revision surgery.

He KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING and actually FIXES your problem from the root cause unlike the majority of these so-called laughable specialised surgeons out there.

If you decide not to then you are wasting your time and risking disappointment or worse still even more damage by going to a surgeon that literally DOES NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!

Do not take any risks ESPECIALLY IN REGARDS TO THE FACE/EYES AREA! Once the smallest thing goes wrong then it completely throws your whole appearance and life off balance!

Yes, unfortunately, things do and can go wrong no matter how well you have done your research, find a good doctor…..but
once it has gone wrong do not be simple minded by continuously allowing yourself to be a guinea pig to let these rouge unskilled,un-knowledgeable surgeons more or less EXPERIMENT on your face as it is easy to take away but near impossible to add back! This, In turn, just lessens any chance you have at being able to actually fix your problem.

So I finally via email and a telephone call made my consultation with the beautiful Faith (Medical counsellor & Office Manager) and off I went on the long journey to Los Angeles.

To be able to see Dr.Steinsapir was not possible without the truly magnificent Faith she is an integral part of the journey. Faith is a delightful precious motherly figure….. Just such a beautiful soul. From the first communications with her, she was always was on hand to listen and answer any questions I posed.

Faith is a whiz and works extremely hard to put the needs of the patient above anything else, nothing was too much for her she is efficient, concise and a true diamond.

Faith is such a godsend she literally is like your very own PA. Faith completely goes out of her way to make a bond with her clients and will listen and respond to any concerns you may have.

Pre-op, post-op and all the way step by step Faith will always be there to listen to your issues and give you swift reassuring answers to any concerns or questions you have, she is just an email or telephone call away. She is so supportive and gifted with having a very healing and calming influence and energy that radiates from her on to you.

If you are lucky to catch a glimpse of how she works taking phone calls, filing documents in your file, running around like a busy bee. Not only is it very therapeutic to watch but you can understand very quickly how salutary her hard working ethics are.

I can say I have had over 5 different surgical face/body procedures with different surgeons, so I had to deal with 5 different office managers. Honestly, all of them were very drab and cold, I don’t even remember the names or faces of any of them! They all just came across as money grabbers…..you are just a number for them, they just want to get you in and out the door as quickly as possible and they never ever follow up with you again.

With Faith, it is not like that at all! She is so welcoming and genuine she will make you feel cared about and always put your best interests first. She will tell you exactly what is needed from you in order to proceed with your procedure and tells you verbally and with fully clear written instructions so you know where you stand.

Faith is such a tiny petite woman but has such a huge heart, I absolutely love her! I know you will too after meeting her.

The office design is lovely and very tranquil, Faith has implemented a very secure and private set out once you enter inside the office so you can feel completely comfortable knowing that your privacy is respected. Dr Steinsapir is blessed to have Faith operating the front of the house as she does.

You will be promptly seen to by Faith she will ask a lot of questions medical/personal, to help access and support you through the journey. Afterwards, you will meet with Dr Steinsapir he will enlighten and stun you with all the examinations, he does so many things I could barely keep count of it all. He will do vision tests, eye test, measurements and writes many notes.

Dr Steinsapir is not one to lull you into a false sense of security by telling you what he thinks you want to hear or sugarcoating his analysis of you.

He is astute, judicious and straightforward talking. This is very refreshing and reinvigorating because without you even
speaking he will very quickly start to reel off what your issues are, what the causes are of your issues then how he plans to repair it. He has a microscopic eye and is very precise with his attention to detail. Dr.Steinsapir is very detailed and direct with his diagnoses and his individual plan he will formulate for you, he will scrutinise your eyes and deals with measurements within and below 0.5 millimetres this is how accurate he is.

If you ever get the privilege to be examined by Dr Steinsapir you will see his rigid concentration as he measures your eyes from different angles with different tools he is extremely meticulous in his work he truly has the midas touch anything he touches turns to gold! My surgery with Dr.Steinsapir went exceedingly excellently. I am very happy with the results my eyes look and feel brilliant they have been restored I have creases and fullness like before.

My eyes are free! No more uncomfortable tightness! I can now look upwards and my eyes close when I sleep. The scar revision is fantastic and they have faded nicely with the surrounding skin.

I do not know how he did it but my old high scar folds under with the new crease so they are not visible when my eyes are opened. Thank you! To the nurse and anesthesiologist who were pleasant charms! The carer who Faith arranged for me called Janice was brilliant and so splendid! Thank you, Janice.

From start to finish my time was amazing and first-class with the team. A big thing that lots of people like to discuss is pricing; Yes you cannot find his fees anywhere and that is for good reason some will find it annoying or strange I can admit at first I certainly did. But you need to understand that Dr Steinsapir approach is not one size fits all. He does individualized tailored surgery adapted to every single patient. No one is the same so it is done on a case by case structure. For example, I had more than 1 problem going on as I already had 2 procedures previously done.

Someone might have never had any surgery done before, another might have 5 issues so as you can assume his fees will vary depending on the complexity and time that he needs to spend on your issue which makes perfect sense and is fair.

Your consultation fee is taken away from the final cost of the procedure. Also for all the non-American citizens out there remember that there is a regular steady increase in inflation on the cost of medical pharmaceuticals so that will have to be factored in with the cost too. His services are priceless because not only is he reconstructing and correcting difficult botched surgeries but also as a lot of his patients are psychologically damaged, in turn, he is repairing your self-esteem
and putting you back on track in your life.

PLEASE GO AND CONSULT WITH DR.STEINSAPIR before you do anything else. If you have had previous unsatisfactory work done please stop wasting your time by attempting to go back to your original surgeon. If they knew what they were doing in the first place you wouldn’t be in the situation your in now!

Furthermore, stop trying to find a different surgeon to help you similarly as the risk is just too great especially after a botch job surgery.

You can easily end up on a never-ending downward spiral of no return. You will only be wasting your energy, time, money, and victimizing and punishing yourself further. You deserve the best and that is Dr.Steinsapir. Save your mind, body and spirit your in safe, skilled, magical hands and you’re guaranteed not to have any nasty surprises only wonderful surprises.

“Outstanding Dr.Steinsapir Making the Impossible, Possible !”

It is difficult for me to fully describe my gratitude to Dr. Steinsapir for restoring my eyes, and my faith in the medical profession. Two years ago, I had a very unfortunate blepharoplasty with another surgeon who removed too much skin – leaving me with large eyelid platforms, drooping lids, and hollow, rounded, sad-looking eyes. Each and every time I looked in the mirror, I was heartbroken.

During my initial consultation, Dr. Steinsapir amazed me with his empathy, and his detailed and lengthy evaluation of my eyes. He took numerous measurements, photos, and even sketched the appearance of my eyes – documenting the areas of concern in minute detail. Dr. Steinsapir truly understands the emotional devastation that people experience as the result of a poor surgical outcome. His manner is very gentle, kind, and informative. For the first time, I felt that my concerns were being acknowledged. At the end of my visit, I felt comfortable that Dr. Steinsapir possessed the surgical skills and the meticulous attention to detail that would give me the best chance of a successful revision.

It has been just over 3 weeks since my surgery, and I am extremely pleased with the results. I understand that there is still some eyelid swelling that will take months to fully resolve – however, I already have a tremendous improvement in both the appearance and the comfort of my eyes. For the first time in 2 years, I am able to function during the day without my eyes feeling constantly tired and heavy. And, I am beginning to overcome the dread of looking in the mirror. I no longer feel sadness and revulsion when I look at my eyes. It is amazing to be able to recognize myself again!

I was also impressed by the efficiency of Faith, the patient coordinator. Faith is unbelievably organized, and she was able to arrange my consultation and subsequent surgery within a remarkably short period of time. I found Faith to be very compassionate, kind, and understanding of my situation. What could have been an overwhelming and time-consuming endeavor, was skillfully condensed into a simple and smooth process. And, I was very appreciative that Faith returned all of my emails within 24 hours…usually within only a couple of hours. Given the number of patients’ appointments and surgeries she is orchestrating, I found this to be truly incredible.

“I am extremely pleased with the results”

I am in the entertainment industry and was very interested in learning more about Dr. Steinsapir’s Microdroplet BOTOX. He is the inventor. After reading about him online and asking around the industry, I learned that it is one of the most natural-looking types of Botox on the market. I went in for a consultation and was impressed by the staff and Dr. Steinsapir. I am in love with the treatment; it has done wonders to my face. When it comes to getting work done on my face, I only settle for the best.

“I only settle for the best”

I was recommend to go see this doctor from my cousin, and I am so happy that I did! I had visited other doctors before to get Botox but I hadn’t felt to comfortable with any of them until I met Dr. Steinsapir. He makes you feel really comfortable and his staff are just amazing! I will absolutely go there again and recommend others to go visit him.

“He makes you feel really comfortable and his staff are just amazing!”

Dark undereye circles are not easy to treat!! I looked specifically for a highly skilled injector who had demonstrated success with this restylane technique and wow did i find the right doctor. Of course I could not resist some additional filler (Perlane and Restylane) as well as Botox. I’ve also had TCA peels (Dr. Steinsapir is a master peeler). I’m 50. I wanted to look 40. I easily pass for younger than that. An accomplished surgeon who volunteers his time helping patients at UCLA. Bright and communicative, this doctor spends time with you. When comparing prices understand that this practitioner does all of the work himself (!) Priceless!

“Dr. Steinsapir is a master peeler”

About 6 years ago, I was fortunate to get help from Dr. Steinsapir for facial liposuction / resculpting. I was impressed with his expertise, genuine kindness to his patients, and the fact that he never made anyone feel as though they were asking a “dumb” or “silly” question. I found out later that he specializes in plastic surgery mistakes, so that sometimes, he has a new patient requiring significant accommodation because of their emotional and physical distress. He also tries to do as many procedures as possible in the office, under local anesthesia, not only to reduce costs, but also to ensure fewer possible side-effects which can occur with a general anesthesia. Faith, who handles the billing, worked directly with the finance company, to be sure that I would be approved, and that it was a payment schedule I could afford.

In response to other posts on Yelp, I don’t think she charges a high price and then claims to discount it for you. There is a market price for any service. Some people can afford to pay the market price, and for some, Dr. Steinsapir may choose to offer a discount. The quality of medical treatment offered totally justifies the prices Dr. Steinsapir charges.

6+ years later, I still marvel at the difference in my face and do not begrudge the cost.

I have friends who traveled to Mexico for “low cost” cosmetic surgery – and the results are not impressive. Do you really want to save a few dollars on a medical procedure on your own face or body, when you may have to pay a lot more later, to ‘fix’ it or ‘refresh it?’

“I was impressed with his expertise, genuine kindness to his patients”

Will be flying to meet with Dr. Steinsapir in the coming month from Austin, TX. I am absolutely floored by the level of care, emotional support, and time that his Medical Assistant, Faith, has offered me during a very frightening and emotionally draining experience. I am experiencing severe on-going eye and upper face conditions as a result of a series of botched botox jobs from a Dermatologist here in Austin. I have researched extensively, searching for the Best Ocular Plastic surgeon and Dr. Steinsapir’s credentials and expertise are clearly at the very Top of his field. I met with a local Ocular Plastic Surgeon as well, but, he does not seem to be nearly as familiar with the serious and on-going (1-year)! side-effects and symptoms that I am experiencing. Dr. Steinsapir and his staff are not only extensive in their knowledge of what I’m experiencing, but, they are also very sensitive to the emotional ramifications that botched cosmetic work can have on a patient. I am choosing to fly to LA to have my eyes and upper face evaluated and potentially treated by Dr. Steinsapir. You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind, and after everything I’ve been through I will not trust my eyes and upper face with anyone but the absolute best.

“Best Ocular Plastic surgeon”

I found Dr Steinsapir’s work to be outstanding. He filled restylane under my eyes and I truly looked years younger. I tried other doctors but they did not know how to do this process. It lasted way beyond the promised time period. There was a very high level of professionalism in respect of his work and the in depth questions with regard to my health before he even started. The lady I met with first, I found to be very thorough, very professional. I also liked the fact that when I asked whether I should have more filler the doctor was honest and said definately not I do not need more in that area and he was right. I would go back to Dr Steinsapir without a doubt he did an amazing job. I since referred a friend and she too had a great result.

“He did an amazing job”