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Beverly Hills Blepharoplasty Pricing


At the private practice office of esteemed oculofacial plastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir, our goal is to make arranging your Beverly Hills blepharoplasty as simple and easy as possible. With so many options, it can be confusing to decide where to go and who to trust for your surgery. It is often difficult to know exactly what procedures you will need, and what it will cost.

We understand that what it costs is very important. We also understand that the quality of the care is even more important. Dr. Steinsapir does not practice cookie cutter cosmetic eyelid surgery. Whether you are having surgery for the first time or a complex refinement of prior surgery, each situation is unique. When it comes to a Los Angeles eyelid lift or other eye surgery, one size does not fit all.

We have not found that an email or Skyping adequate to understand your needs and concerns. While some offices do offer this, we believe that this is a profound disservice and is not adequate to meet your needs. Dr. Steinsapir really does approach each patient as a unique individual and tailors surgery to your unique needs. For this reason, we still practice surgery one on one. Dr. Steinsapir will personally meet with you when you come for a consultation. You spend quality time with him. He will personally listen to your goals, assess your needs, carefully examine you, and discuss your options. That does not happen over the phone or via the Internet.

Based on his personal assessment, he will know precisely if surgery is right for you and what the plan should be. Upon completion of that consultation, we will be able to provide you a price based on what you actually need.

Will you guarantee that I can have surgery with Dr. Steinsapir?

Surgery is a significant medical service. While it is our goal to be able to offer surgery to the largest number of people, the truth is that surgery has to be right for you. This means as much as you choose your surgeon, your surgeon must also decide if surgery is right for you. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that surgery will be right for you and Dr. Steinsapir reserves the right not to offer surgery.

Can I have my surgery at UCLA with Dr. Steinsapir, and what does this cost?

Some individuals having eyelid surgery have significant health issues. For these situations, Dr. Steinsapir recommends outpatient surgery at The Ronald Regan Medical Center at UCLA where he is on staff as an Associate Clinical Professor and an attending surgeon. If you are someone who needs these resources, we can provide an exact quote at the time of your initial consultation.

Are their any other fees associated with eyelid surgery?

Generally, we will require a medical clearance from your primary medical doctor for surgery. Typically for this clearance, your medical doctor will see you and perform certain tests like blood work and/or an electrocardiogram (EKG) as indicated. This visit and lab work may or may not be covered by your health insurance and you may be responsible for these costs.

Normally, tissue removed for cosmetic eyelid surgery is discarded. Occasionally, this tissue may require examination by a pathologist. Fees for pathology services not covered by health insurance are your responsibility. In the unlikely event of complications, you are responsible for the fees charged by other doctors, laboratories, hospitals, and pharmacies not covered by health insurance.

Is revisional eyelid surgery free with Dr. Steinsapir?

No. Most revisional surgery that Dr. Steinsapir performs are revisions of surgeries performed by other surgeons. Many of these procedures are much more complex than the original cosmetic procedure. On a rare occasion, Dr. Steinsapir finds it beneficial to revise a surgery that he originally performed. There can be a number of reasons for considering revisional surgery including your own personal preference. Generally, the purpose of revisional surgery is to make a result even better. Each revisional situation is unique. You will pay for the facility costs and part or all of the surgeon’s fee depending on the reason for the surgical revision.

What guarantee is given by Dr. Steinsapir?

He guarantees that he will use his best efforts to help improve your appearance. He has over twenty-five years of experience and very extensive training. This is why he has so many satisfied patients. To minimize disappointment, Dr. Steinsapir goes to great effort to carefully listen to your concerns and precisely communicate what is possible with surgery. Situations that arise after surgery that require revisional surgery are rare. Due to the subjective nature of surgery, this is the only warranty or guarantee we offer.

Can I reserve a date for surgery before my consultation?

No, it is essential to first have a consultation. This is necessary so Dr. Steinsapir can determine if surgery is right for you. Once you have been accepted for surgery, you can move forward with the arrangements. Dr. Steinsapir has a busy schedule and we want you to get the date you desire. Once payment is made, a surgery date will be scheduled.

How can I pay for my eyelid surgery?

We accept Visa, Master Card, ATM cards, debit cards, wire transfer, cash and Care Credit financing. We do not accept Discover, American Express cards, or checks of any type. Payment must be received before a date for surgery will be provided. This policy ensures that those who make payment are more likely to get the date for surgery they desire. If you have questions about this policy or payment methods, please call our office at 310.274.7422.

How do I move forward so I can have surgery with Dr. Steinsapir?

Call our Beverly Hills office at 310.274.7422 to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Steinsapir. Our office prides itself on legendary efficiency and unique personal service. You will be seen at our state of the art facilities and can tour our onsite surgery center once you have seen Dr. Steinsapir. We look forward to assisting you with your medical needs.


Dr. Steinsapir is a UCLA- and University of Chicago-trained surgeon who has performed separate fellowships in both Cosmetic Surgery and Oculofacial Microsurgery. He is a board certified ophthalmologist. Many individuals travel nationally and internationally to undergo eyelid surgery and other facial rejuvenation procedures with Dr. Steinsapir. If you have additional questions about our fees, payment methods, or financial policies that were not answered above, please call Dr. Steinsapir’s office at 310.274.7422.

You may also continue to explore Dr. Steinsapir’s website (www.Lidlift.com), where you will find supplementary information pertaining to eyelid surgery, before-and-after surgical case studies, and answers to frequently asked questions about our procedures.