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Reuters – US Patent Number Issued for Microdroplet BOTOX Technology by Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir
Kenneth D. Steinsapir, M.D., Inc. has been issued a rare patent (US 7,846,457 B2) by The United States Patent and Trademark Office for the invention of a breakthrough method for administering cosmetic botulinum toxin…

BussinessWire – Microdroplet BOTOX® Technology by Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir Recognized By U.S. Patent Office
The patent application for Microdroplet™ botulinum toxin, a treatment that improves facial features without detracting from facial expressiveness, has been allowed to inventor Dr. Kenneth D. Steinsapir, M.D. on September 2, 2010… Read more »

New York Times – Looking For A Match
Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir, an oculofacial surgeon and ophthalmologist in Los Angeles, also received calls from patients wanting their eye color changed, so he began investigating New Color Iris… Read More »

Harper’s Bazaar – Instant Anti-Aging Makeovers
“There’s almost no reason for lower-eyelid cosmetic surgery when you can cover dark circles and treat sunken-in eyes or bags with Restylane,” says Kenneth Steinsapir, a Los Angeles facial and eye plastic surgeon. “You get almost immediate results that are as good as, and in many cases better than, what can be accomplished with surgery.”… Read More »