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Eyelid Surgery Beverly Hills

Undergoing eyelid surgery (a.k.a. eyelid lift, blepharoplasty, eye lift, or a lid lift) can dramatically improve the symmetry and overall aesthetic appeal of your face.

Eyelid lift surgery allows the surgeon to remove the excess skin and fatty tissue responsible for creating the appearance of droopy, deflated eyelids. As these fatty deposits, loose skin, and drooping of the eyelids typically occur because of the natural aging process, a Los Angeles eyelid lift procedure can reverse the effects of time to restore a youthful, refreshed, and well-rested appearance.

Upper eyelid surgery is a highly versatile procedure that can be employed to fulfill a number of cosmetic goals, such as deepening the upper eyelid crease and/or reducing the skin tissue above the eye, allowing for better peripheral vision. In the past, cosmetic surgeons used aggressive upper eyelid surgery techniques to “take out the skin, muscle, and fat.” The results of this approach often included an upper eyelid with a high sulcus and no fold, which translates to an overly worked, unnatural “surgical” look. When the surgeon fails to make an upper eyelid crease, the skin on the eyelid platform can become crepey, making it very difficult to hold makeup on the eyelid skin.


Improper eyelid surgery techniques also have the potential to damage the muscles responsible for closing the eyelids, weakening their ability to close, and may shorten the skin in the upper eyelid so that there is insufficient skin to permit full eyelid closure. Unfortunately, these older techniques are still utilized by some plastic surgeons today, which is why it is important to carefully select your plastic surgeon when electing to undergo any form of eye or eyelid surgery.


Choosing an eyelid surgeon is a major decision. Going forward with the right eyelid expert warrants careful consideration, and we advise all patients to select a highly trained, board certified, and licensed surgeon. Reputable eyelid surgeons should make themselves available to personally answer your questions and address your concerns. Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir is one of the top oculofacial experts in the world and he ranks among the top in eyelid surgery Beverly Hills. His extensive training in ophthalmic microsurgery has created the foundation for his private plastic surgery practice, which has become one of the premier oculofacial and cosmetic surgery practices in the country.

After completing medical school at UCLA, Dr. Steinsapir performed his residency in ophthalmology at the University of Chicago, which has a very strong tradition of eye plastic surgery. He went on to complete two sequential fellowships in orbital and oculofacial surgery at the Jules Stein Eye Institute’s David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, where he now serves as an Associate Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology. Dr. Steinsapir’s board certifications and specialized training in oculofacial surgery and general cosmetic surgery provide the foundational knowledge necessary for successful blepharoplasty (cosmetic eyelid surgery) outcomes.

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Dr. Steinsapir is widely recognized for his innovative approaches to repairing eyelids, improving the results of prior eyelid surgery, and performing ancillary facelift procedures. Dr. Steinsapir is often called upon to fix complications resulting from previous eye surgeries that have left patients with undesirable aesthetic results or functional complications. He understands that there should be a full upper eyelid fold situated several millimeters above the eyelashes, exposing a uniform strip to eyelid platform skin. The eyelid skin itself should be smooth (not crepey), and in particular, the eyelid platform skin should be relatively tight below the upper eyelid crease to create support for the eyelashes so they do not point downward in an unnatural fashion. Dr. Steinsapir calls his surgical approach to the upper eyelid “Structured Micro-Blepharoplasty.” By supporting natural lid structures, he has found that less subtractive surgical methods are needed, which allows for more natural-looking results.

Dr. Steinsapir has been a leader in the trend towards minimally invasive, minimal downtime procedures, such as non-surgical skin tightening procedures. These procedures are designed to reduce the potential for surgical complications and shorten the post-surgical recovery period. He is dedicated to the safe production of naturally beautiful results and has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to upholding the highest quality of patient care.

Without fail, Dr. Steinsapir personally meets with every single patient and does not use nurses or physician’s assistants to perform even non-invasive procedures. During your initial consultation, Dr. Steinsapir will listen carefully to your concerns and will perform a thorough examination to inform his creation of a uniquely tailored eyelid surgery treatment plan that incorporates minimally invasive techniques, and safely addresses your specific needs and aesthetic goals.


With age, the delicate skin on and around the eyelids begins to sag and droop, which can significantly age the face and often leads to a chronically tired appearance. Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery, eye lift, or lid lift surgery) is an effective corrective measure to reverse some of these tell-tale signs of aging. When performed with the proper technique by a qualified surgeon, eyelid surgery offers a number of aesthetic and functional benefits:

  • Removes unwanted fat, excess muscle, and loose skin from the eyelids, while tightening and lifting the eyelid musculature, effectively restoring a more youthful, healthy, and alert appearance
  • Produces an improvement in the overall aesthetics of the eyes, correcting or addressing asymmetry or other undesirable cosmetic issues
  • Removes the excess skin responsible for obscuring the natural fold in the upper eyelids, which can interfere with the placement of makeup on the eyelid platform or potentially impair the patient’s vision if left untreated
  • Treats and corrects any puffiness and swelling in the upper eyelids by removing excess fatty deposits
  • Excises surplus lower eyelid skin, helping to minimize the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines in the orbital area (“crow’s feet”)
  • Improves the appearance of lower eyelid bags and puffiness
  • Corrects upper eyelid ptosis (sagging or droopiness)
  • Resolves issues of the scleral show (when the white portion of the eye beneath the iris is revealed)


During your customized eyelid surgery, Dr. Steinsapir will employ cutting edge surgical techniques to reposition and/or remove the precise amount of eyelid skin and fat to optimally improve your eyelid symmetry and definition, while ensuring that your incisions are well-concealed by your natural eyelid shape. He is a master of these surgical procedures and performs what he has termed “Structured Micro-Blepharoplasty,” which emphasizes the creation of structure rather than overly aggressive “subtractive” surgery.

Eyelid surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure with a recovery period of approximately one week. Following your eyelid surgery procedure, it is imperative to practice proper sun protection and to wear darkly tinted sunglasses until the healing process is complete. You may use cold compresses, ointments, and medication to help with any post-blepharoplasty bruising, irritation, dry eyes, and swelling. For more information on eyelid surgery recovery.


Dr. Steinsapir is a UCLA and University of Chicago-trained surgeon who has performed separate fellowships in both Cosmetic Surgery and Oculofacial Microsurgery. He is a board certified Ophthalmologist. Many individuals travel nationally and internationally to undergo eyelid surgery and other facial rejuvenation procedures with Dr. Steinsapir. To learn how blepharoplasty can rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of your eye region, please contact our office.

You may also continue to explore Dr. Steinsapir’s website, where you will find supplementary information pertaining to eyelid surgery, before-and-after eyelid surgery case studies, and answers to frequently asked plastic surgery questions about these procedures. Your eyelid surgery can serve as a key stepping stone along the path to become the best possible version of yourself, and you can take the first step by calling to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Steinsapir today.