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Forehead Lift Case Studies Beverly Hills

Forehead Lift Procedure

Procedure: Forehead Lift, Eyelid Surgery, and Chemical Peel


Cosmetic Concern:
43-year-old woman looking for rejuvenation of the face and eyelids. Another surgeon told her that she needed an upper eyelid surgery.


  1. Eyebrow ptosis.
  2. Herniated lower eyelid fat.
  3. Sun damaged skin.


  1. Endoscopic forehead lift
  2. Lower transconjunctival eyelid surgery
  3. Full face chemical peel

Notice that no upper eyelid surgery was performed. The forehead lift elevates the fold in the upper eyelids. This tissue would be removed by standard upper eyelid surgery. However, this causes a loss of the natural upper eyelid fold. The forehead lift preserves this important aspect of the eyelid. Dr. Steinsapir is one of the pioneers of the endoscopic forehead lift.


Procedure: Upper Face Lift & Chemical Peel


Cosmetic Concern:
51-year-old woman who is interested in a more youthful appearance.


  1. Bilateral eyebrow ptosis.
  2. Lower eyelid wrinkles.
  3. Herniated orbital fat.


  1. Endoscopic forehead lift
  2. Lower eyelid chemical peel

The endoscopic forehead lift needs to be tailored to the desires of the individual patient. She did not want the “deer in the head light” look that can result if the eyebrow is overly elevated. She also wanted to have something done for the lower eyelid but budget was a major consideration. A chemical peel of the lower eyelid complex was the logical choice for treating the lower eyelid. Even though no surgery was performed on the lower eyelids, the chemical peel firms the lower eyelid septum smoothing the area. This is often a great option as an alternative to lower eyelid surgery or arcus marginalis release. Call now for your personal consultation to learn if this choice of procedures is right for you.


Procedure: Midface & Forehead Surgery


Cosmetic Concern:
42-year-old woman concerned about her aging appearance.

The heaviness of the upper eyelids is due to a fall in the forehead or brow ptosis. The descent of the malar fat pad is also associated with loss of bone projection at the orbital rim. Changes in both the bone and the soft tissues account for her aging appearance.

To address her concerns, she first had an endoscopic forehead lift and approximately 8 months later she had midface surgery with hand carved custom orbital rim implants specifically for her dark circles. The result is so natural that this looks more like a mother/daughter pair than before and after photos.


Procedure: Forehead Cosmetic Surgery


Cosmetic Concern:
54-year-old man who is interested in enhancing his appearance. He feels his eyes make him look tired.


  1. Forehead wrinkles.
  2. Eyebrow ptosis with hooding of the upper eyelids.
  3. Crowsfeet wrinkles.
  4. Lower eyelid wrinkles.


  1. Endoscopic forehead lift
  2. Chemical Peel

It is critical that men not have all of their features removed by cosmetic surgery. Men for the most part benefit from looking just a bit grizzled. In particular, it is important to leave a little skin in the upper eyelid so that the eyes are not feminized. He had about 1 week out of the office but was able to conduct business by phone the day after his surgery.


Procedure: Facial Rejuvenation


Cosmetic Concern:
58-year-old man who is concerned about looking fresher and younger.


  1. Forehead wrinkles
  2. Severe eyebrow ptosis
  3. Herniated lower eyelid orbital fat
  4. Midface ptosis
  5. Facial wrinkles
  6. 6. Neck cords


  1. Endoscopic forehead lift
  2. Midface lift over hand carved orbital rim implant
  3. Full-face chemical peel

Note that his surgical results are very natural. He did not get all of his surgeries at once but rather had them over a period of 2 years to avoid calling attention to the fact that he was getting cosmetic surgery. He was able to ease into his new, fresher look without others being aware of what he was doing.


Procedure: Upper Face Restoration


Cosmetic Concern: 74-year-old woman with left facial weakness following Bell’s palsy.


  1. Bell’s palsy.
  2. Left forehead paralysis.
  3. Pseudoherniated orbtial fat.


  1. Endoscopic forehead lift
  2. Upper eyelid surgery
  3. Lower eyelid surgery


Procedure: Midface & Forehead Lift


Cosmetic Concern:
36-year-old concerned about the circles under her eyes and the heaviness of her upper eyelids.

The heaviness of the upper eyelids is due to a fall in the forehead or brow ptosis. The circle under the eyes is due to a descent of the cheek soft tissues over time.

To address her concerns, a combined endoscopic forehead lift and midface surgery was performed. Dr. Steinsapir hand carved a custom implant of e-PTFE specifically for her circles. This material was used to provide subtle fullness for the orbital rim and cheek bones. She had two weeks of down time before she was ready to resume her activities.