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Beverly Hills Asian Eyelid Surgery Details

Asian Eyelid Surgery Details

Beverly Hills asian eyelid surgeryAsian blepharoplasty is a specialized type of eyelid surgery designed to enhance the eyelid contour for Asian individuals. Asian eyelid surgery with a skilled and properly trained oculoplastic surgeon can help you achieve results that improve your natural aesthetic and build confidence. Like other specialized types of eyelid surgery, the key to exceptional Asian blepharoplasty is receiving a custom-tailored treatment plan from an experienced oculofacial cosmetic surgeon who understands that your eyes are as unique as you are.

  • Depending on your situation and goals, there are a number of types of Beverly Hills Asian eyelid surgery that are customizable according to your needs. Asian blepharoplasty can revitalize your appearance by correcting sagging skin and excess fat around the eyes to replace an aged, tired look with a restored, youthful glow. Asian double fold surgery can improve the eyelid contour for those wishing to enhance the natural definition of the eye. For some, other kinds of Asian eyelid surgery may be more appropriate to address your goals, such as Asian canthoplasty or eyelid restoration surgery, ptosis surgery, and anchor blepharoplasty, upper eyelid fold symmetry surgery, and microblepharoplasty. The best treatment for you really depends on your unique eyes and desired results.
  • There is no one standard approach to Asian blepharoplasty, because there are no two people with exactly the same set of eyes. If you seek improvement in your eyelid appearance, you are right to seek it from a physician with specialized experience in Beverly Hills Asian eyelid surgery. We invite you to consider the facts about Asian eyelid surgeries like blepharoplasty and Asian double eyelid surgery, and then consider how Dr. Steinsapir´s prestigious education and specialized experience make him exceptionally qualified to help you achieve your desired look.

>> The Plain Facts about Asian Eyelid Surgery

>> Exceptional Service. Individualized Treatment. Differentiated Results.

>> Seek an Individualized Approach

>> Ptosis and the Asian Eyelid

Asian Eyelid Case Study

Beverly Hills asian eyelid surgery



Frequently Asked Questions

With information and misinformation abounding, finding reliable information about Asian eyelid surgery can be a challenge. Here are some straight facts that can help you make an informed decision about your treatment:

  • There is tremendous diversity in Asian eyes, and if you are tired of people not recognizing this, you should be! There is wide diversity in all human eyes, and not realizing that each Asian eyelid is distinct is just ignorant.
  • Given that every eyelid is unique, cookie-cutter approaches to Asian blepharoplasty simply do not work. Your treatment must be meticulously tailored to your unique anatomical features and personal goals, even taking into account differences between each eye.
  • A well-designed Asian double eyelid surgery is not about “westernizing” the eye, but about enhancing the eyelid structure to complement your natural features with a look that is just right for you.
  • Cosmetic surgeons without a long history of providing double eyelid surgery tend to make the crease too high, resulting in a very long eyelid platform. Rather than attributing this unfortunate reality to the surgeon, it´s important to consider that many plastic surgery textbooks recommend placing the incision 2-4 millimeters too high. Physicians who specialize in Asian eyelid surgery are informed by experience, which indicates that the incision tends to migrate upward as the eyelid heals.
  • For the best Asian blepharoplasty results, you need a minimally invasive treatment plan that preserves as much natural tissue as possible. A less aggressive yet highly controlled surgery creates the fastest recovery time, natural improvements, and precise results.
  • Successful Asian eyelid surgery requires an incredibly high level of skill. Choose a doctor with extensive experience and proven results to help you achieve the goal of exceptionally natural results made just for you.

Exceptional Service. Individualized Treatment. Differentiated Results.

Dr. Steinsapir is a multi-fellowship-trained oculofacial plastic surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills who specializes in custom-tailored, minimally invasive Asian eyelid surgery with the goal of achieving natural results. Why is Dr. Steinsapir the best choice for many individuals seeking Asian blepharoplasty and other eyelid surgery?

  • Dr. Steinsapir is widely respected among oculofacial plastic surgeons and individuals travel to his practice from around the world for his advanced skills.
  • Dr. Steinsapir sees everyone as an individual, which is key to obtaining results that look natural for you and precisely match your goals.
  • Dr. Steinsapir is a forward-thinking leader in minimally invasive Asian eyelid surgery who relies on science-based treatments that work.
  • Dr. Steinsapir will personally plan and perform your surgery, then follow up with you throughout your healing process. He never relies on technicians or assistants to perform even basic procedures. For best results you need the careful attention of an experienced, focused, and exceptional physician.
  • Dr. Steinsapir holds extensive training and education in specialized eyelid surgeries. He completed medical school at UCLA and residency in ophthalmology at The University of Chicago. He then completed a two year fellowship in orbital surgery as well as a one-year fellowship in oculofacial plastic surgery at UCLA´s prestigious Jules Stein Eye Institute. He did an additional two years of fellowship training with an acclaimed cosmetic surgeon in Rancho Mirage.
  • Today Dr. Steinsapir is a leader in minimally invasive, forward-thinking eyelid treatments and research as an associate clinical professor of ophthalmology at the Jules Stein Eye Institute, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He is also a reviewer for the major journals of ophthalmology.
  • Dr. Steinsapir is a caring and approachable doctor who takes the time to listen to your needs and meticulously plan your custom treatment experience.

Seek an Individualized Approach

Asian eyelid surgery is truly an art form that requires perfectionist attention to the tiniest details. For differentiated results, you need someone with a history of excellence in Asian eyelid surgery results–someone like Dr. Steinsapir. As a cosmetic surgeon who understands how subtle differences between every eye influence treatment, Dr. Steinsapir makes himself available to personally answer your questions and empower you with straightforward facts about your treatment options. We welcome personal inquiries. Contact us today and make the first step in attaining your best individual look.

Ptosis and the Asian Eyelid

Eyelid ptosis is a relatively common concern for which effective treatment is available. The key is in finding a specialist who understands the condition, has a great deal of experience in treating ptosis with successful results, and will custom-design the treatment to fit your unique features to give results that look natural for you. When you have Asian eyes, all of the above is true, and you must also make certain that your potential oculoplastic surgeon appreciates the unique qualities of your eyes that make you you. Asian eyelids are as diverse as any other descriptive characteristic for eyelids, so be certain that your physician recognizes the importance of approaching your treatment not through a standard plan, but with your individual circumstances in mind.

Asian eyelid surgery is a specialized type of eyelid surgery that, like other cosmetic eye procedures, is truly an art form. How is it an art? Consider how the best eye plastic surgeon must not only have education, training, and experience; he or she must also have the keen ability to perceive subtle characteristics that make your eyes and entire facial structure distinctive, the talent to design a treatment plan that addresses these features, and the skill to provide natural results and a fast healing time. When one considers the complexity of cosmetic eyelid surgery, it is no wonder why it’s essential you seek a surgeon who individualizes your treatment.

What Should I Know about Ptosis and Asian Eyelids?

For whatever reason you seek treatment for Asian eyelid ptosis, first know that there is science-based treatment available that can improve your condition. Please also understand that your treatment must be individualized for you as we discussed above. The best cosmetic surgeon for you will be one who is a leader in Asian cosmetic eye surgery with a solid reputation and proven results. Ptosis can affect anyone, and effective treatment must correct existing problems by enhancing the natural qualities of your eyelid contour. In other words, correcting ptosis of the Asian eyelid is in no way about “westernizing” the eye, so talk to your doctor about his or her treatment philosophy to find someone who can establish the right results for you.

How Is Ptosis Treated?

With ptosis what we observe is a heavy or drooping eyelid. This can cause aesthetic problems like asymmetry and even cause challenges with communication when people are focused on your eyelid ptosis rather than what you are saying. It can also impede your peripheral vision and cause dissatisfaction with your appearance.

Any good treatment will be customized for your condition, goals, medical history, and unique features. This may include eyelid surgery to remove excess upper eyelid skin, which corrects the imbalance of forehead activation needed to elevate this extra tissue. You may be a candidate for a forehead lift that helps to brighten your eyes’ appearance and balance out your whole face. Anchor blepharoplasty is another type of upper eyelid surgery that can correct ptosis of the eyelashes. The right and best option for you can only be determined at a personal consultation with a leading oculofacial surgeon.

I think I need my Asian Eyelid Surgery fixed

A well designed and skillfully performed Asian eyelid surgery can transform your look and give you newfound confidence. Unfortunately, there are a few cases when individuals are disappointed in their results—usually due to a lack of expertise and understanding of the best treatment methods. If you have had Asian eyelid surgery in the past but are dissatisfied with your results, there is hope in specialized treatment. First, let’s consider your situation, what your current needs are, and your best options for moving forward.

What causes unsatisfactory results in Asian eyelid surgery?

There are many types of Asian eyelid surgery that greatly improve your appearance, including Asian blepharoplasty, Asian canthoplasty, and double eyelid surgery. They key to getting the best results with these procedures is much the same as getting the best results with any eyelid surgery: you need a specialized eye plastic surgeon who is experienced in treating concerns similar to yours, and who customizes each treatment based on your individual needs.

Eyelid surgery should always strive for results that appear natural for your features. The goal is to enhance your eyelid contours to bring out your best look. To this end, each treatment must be carefully planned and carried out, followed by after-care monitoring with an attentive physician. However, if your doctor is not a leader in oculofacial surgery for Asian eyes then he or she may not have the specialized training and experience needed to give you a natural look.

Disappointing results usually come from shortcuts, lack of experience, and misunderstandings about the goals of surgery. A shortcut could mean that you do not look for a specialist in eye plastic surgery or try to find the cheapest option. A lack of experience can happen when you choose a physician without a comprehensive background in treating Asian eyelid concerns with great outcomes. A misunderstanding could be when you or your doctor does not recognize the importance of conservative surgery for natural results. Overaggressive surgery can result in a “surgical look” that is not right for you. You can usually avoid these situations if you take the time to research and gain confidence in your cosmetic surgeon’s qualifications and abilities.

Still, there is a risk with every surgery that you should be aware of, and revisional surgery is occasionally indicated. By taking preventative measures—like seeking the best oculoplastic surgeon who customizes minimally invasive treatments for your needs, you can expect to have an empowering treatment experience.

How do I know when I need revisional surgery?

If you have already had an eyelid surgery such as blepharoplasty, give yourself time to heal. It is natural to experience some anxiety regarding whether you will like your results, but remember that worrying doesn’t help. If you are confident in your doctor, you have good reason to expect the best.

If you have any complications during healing, talk to your original surgeon. Post-operative concerns are often the result of lack of follow-up communication. Do not assume that your surgeon does not wish to hear from you or is too busy for what you perceive as a minor concern. Please don’t wait. Call your surgeon. Be seen and have your concerns addressed.

Significant complications are unusual, and a more common concern is that you don’t see the improvements you were hoping for after healing or you feel you are taking longer to heal than expected. This isn’t considered a complication, but it is something to address with your surgeon. If you do not like the results you see because and your original surgeon does not feel anything further can be done, it is time to seek a second opinion.

Who can fix Asian eyelid surgery?

In most cases, we recommend talking with your original surgeon who will likely be happy to address your concerns. However, if your surgeon is not a specialist in Asian eyelid surgery, if the original results indicate a lack of specialized skill, if your relationship has deteriorated, or if you lack confidence in your surgeon’s ability to meet your needs, it is valid to seek a second opinion.

Obtain advice from a cosmetic eye surgeon who understands that every Asian eye is unique, and thus addresses you on an individual basis. Your doctor should understand that there is not one standard approach to Asian eyes because everyone presents with a different situation and goals. Just as your original surgery should be customized, any revisional surgery should be carefully planned for your individual needs.

Dr. Steinsapir is an expert in both Asian eyelid surgery and in fixing prior eyelid surgery. He practices individually tailored, minimally invasive solutions for fastest healing and natural results. This is also his approach with revisional eyelid surgery. If you are concerned about a former surgery, Dr. Steinsapir has a great deal of experience in assessing these situations and in many cases is able to achieve an improved result with revisional surgery. Please contact us today to learn more about how to achieve the results you always wanted.

What Should I Know about Asian Eyelid Surgery?

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is a broad field of study, but if we could tell you just one thing about Asian eyelid surgery, we’d say this: surgery for Asian eyelids is as varied as any eyelid surgery, so for best results your oculoplastic surgeon will need to customize your surgery for your particular goals, facial structure, and needs.

There is not one standard approach for Asian blepharoplasty, Asian canthoplasty, double fold surgery, and other kinds of eyelid surgery. There is a wide diversity in human eyes, and to not understand that every Asian eyelid is unique is just ignorant. They key to definitive results is to find one of the best cosmetic surgeons with specialty and experience in eyelid surgery and obtain a custom-tailored treatment plan.

A few people misunderstand the purpose of surgeries like Asian double eyelid surgery and are under the misconception that it is about “westernizing” the eye. This should not be the case at all; instead, treatment is about enhancing the natural eyelid structure to meet your aesthetic goals.

How Can I Find the Best Asian Eyelid Surgeon?

The best eye plastic surgeons will never say that Asian eyelid surgery is the same as every other eyelid surgery, nor will they say that there is one technique to successful Asian eyelid surgery. Instead, the most qualified surgeon will let you know what kind of medical plan will be ideal for your unique facial structure, eyelid contour, and treatment goals. Your doctor will strive for results that are right for you.

Your doctor should have extensive experience treating a wide range of concerns for diverse eyes. Furthermore, choose a doctor who has a history of providing natural results and can show you before-and-after Asian eyelid surgery photos that demonstrate versatile skills. Study these photos to make sure that your potential surgeon individualizes every treatment.

Make sure that your doctor has a strong educational and fellowship background, as well as years of experience specializing in cosmetic eyelid surgeries like eyelid lift surgery, blepharoplasty, eyelid reconstruction, eyelid correction surgery, and medical eyelid surgery for conditions like eyelid ptosis and basal cell carcinoma of the eyelid. An expert in treating aesthetic facial concerns will be able to ensure that your eyelid surgery works optimally with the rest of your features.

The Top Eyelid Surgeons Can Help

People travel worldwide to seek treatment with Dr. Steinsapir, an oculofacial surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills who treats a variety of eyelid concerns with exceptional individualized results. His education at UCLA and The University of Chicago along with multiple fellowships formed the basis for his forward-thinking, evidence-based, minimally invasive practice—now widely acclaimed by researchers, leading physicians, and satisfied recipients. With years of practical experience in designing treatment plans that work, Dr. Steinsapir adds to his expertise a friendly and trustworthy personality.

Do Asian doctors make the best Asian eyelid surgeons?

If you are seeking Asian eyelid surgery, seek treatment with the best. This seems like a no-brainer that is of course true of most any medical procedure, and yet some people still seek specialized treatments from nonspecialists. The key to obtaining definitive, optimized results is to do your homework and consult with the most experienced, respected, and qualified specialists. Be completely honest about your needs, goals, and medical history, and ask as many questions as you need in order to feel good about your decision and confident in your doctor’s abilities. When you seek Asian eyelid surgery in Los Angeles or elsewhere, we recommend you consult with a cosmetic surgeon who has a specialized strength in this area.

Finding the Best Asian Eyelid Surgeon

Many wonder if Asian doctors make the best Asian eyelid surgeons. This seems like a natural question to ask, even if it is not the most logical upon closer examination. A surgeon is as good as his or her training, skill, experience, ethical values, education, leadership, medical understanding, and a myriad of other dynamic factors that come together to make a capable and reputable physician. Every physician has particular areas of strength and specialization, so of course you will not choose the same surgeon to operate on your heart, brain, or eyelid. You of course will choose the specialist. So, in short, the best Asian eyelid surgeon is a specialist. There are many Asian doctors who are excellent at performing procedures like Asian blepharoplasty and double fold surgery, and this is because they have studied and specialized in Asian eyelid surgery.

Nobody is born with an innate knowledge of medicine. Yes, becoming the best oculoplastic surgeon does require developed talent and artistic vision, while it also requires years of study, focus, training, and experience. These factors depend on the individual surgeon. It is therefore wise to evaluate potential surgeons not based on their own photo or ethnicity, but on their credentials, expertise, and clinical experience.

A Unique Approach

Asian eyelid surgery should not be approached in a cookie-cutter fashion, but then again, neither should any eyelid surgery. While it is important that your doctor has experience and training in treating the distinctive features of Asian eyelids, it’s also important that both you and your doctor understand that there is no one standard approach to Asian eyelid surgery. When everyone has unique eyes and distinctive features, how could there be one method that works for everyone? There is a wide range of characteristics among Asian eyelids that vary based on the individual. The approach should therefore emphasize results that enhance the natural features, rather than aiming to “westernize” the eye. This common misconception is rarely the goal of Asian eyelid surgery.

The most qualified Asian eyelid or blepharoplasty surgeon for giving you natural results will be someone who specializes in oculoplastic surgery for Asian features and has treated a variety of eyelid shapes and concerns by custom-tailoring each procedure to the individual.

Consult with an Expert

To find the doctor best suited for your needs, seek someone with extensive oculofacial cosmetic surgery experience and training who has also demonstrated an exceptional ability to treat a variety of eyelid concerns. This should include a solid understanding of how to maintain the natural beauty of Asian eyelids and a recognition that every eyelid is different and cannot be improved by simply following assembly line instructions.

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