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Will under eye Restylane eliminate my dark circle?

Published on May 29, 2012

Controlled placement of Restylane filler under the eye can greatly improve the appearance of dark circles, making this a popular and safe cosmetic treatment for those wishing to rejuvenate their facial appearance for a more youthful, alert, and bright affect. While these benefits are well researched with documented outcomes, medically speaking under eye Restylane does not “eliminate” the dark circle. A basic understanding of the cause of dark circles under the eyes, and how they can be helped with Restylane, will clarify what this treatment can and cannot accomplish.

Ultimately the cause of the dark circle is an optical perception, meaning the reason we see a dark circle on some individuals’ faces is due to the pattern of light interacting with the skin and tissue in that region. Dark circles are the visual result of a thin lower eyelid skin, which lies directly over the orbicularis oculi muscle, a dark red muscle. In addition to thin skin, with area commonly has a relative volume deficit compared to the adjacent cheek. It is the volume deficit that that can be improved through treatment with under eye Restylane. Restylane does not eliminate the absorption of light caused by the dark muscle just under the lower eyelid skin. However, the volume improves the way the way the light reflected from the skin surface appears, and the volume deficit which contributes to the dark circle. By improving factors that contribute to the the dark circle, Restylane can make significant improvements in the under eye area helping this area look fresher and more youthful. In a nutshell, under eye Restylane improves the under eye volume deficit and for many this makes a profound difference. Because the treatment can be accomplished with a comfortable office service and typically lasts a year or more depending on the amount of volume replacement, many individuals find this a great alternative to lower eyelid surgery.

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Dr. Steinsapir is a board certified eye surgeon and fellowship-trained in oculoplastic surgery and cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles where he specializes in balanced facial cosmetic surgery for natural results, with an emphasis on minimally invasive techniques, fast recovery time, and leadership in medical technology. Dr. Steinsapir has a private practice and also serves as an Associate Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the Jules Stein Eye Institute, at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Contact us today to learn how Dr. Steinsapir’s experience and training make him an expert in cosmetic surgery, which can be a vital part of your evidence-based treatment plan.

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