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Published on August 5, 2015


Facial Unfilling with Hyaluronidase Enzyme

If you have taken advantage of the powerful rejuvenation effects of next generation, hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers, you expect that each treatment will leave you looking younger, rejuvenated, and naturally-gorgeous! For most people, this is exactly what happens, while the fillers dissipate and are reabsorbed by the body 6 to 12 months after treatment. For some individuals, however, the filler material can persist longer than this, while for others, the fillers accumulate in unintended ways. And for still other patients, the practitioner is simply overly enthusiastic. Yet whatever the reason, for some individuals, the accumulation of dermal filler over time can lead to unwanted fullness, ridges, even bags around the lower eyelids, as well as over-filled cheeks and puffy lips and jowls.

Luckily, unwanted HA-based fillers that have accumulated in uncomplimentary ways can be simply removed with a comfortable office-based treatment. The FDA-approved Hyaluronidase enzyme can be used to shape HA product that is no longer helping to rejuvenate the appearance. The treatment is done by injection and allows for prior HA fillers to be modified to restore natural facial contours and enhance the balance and harmony of your original facial features, for a more natural, younger-looking appearance. Even HA related issues that have been present in the face for years can be adjusted with this enzyme. Dramatic results are often visible immediately. Facial unfilling can by followed up with newly deployed HA-based dermal filler injections one week after treatment to provide restorative improvement. The combination of removing volume from the wrong places and putting volume in the right places is powerfully restorative, with many patients self-reporting that they look 10- to 15-years younger.
Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir, talented and world-renowned oculofacial and cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California, prides himself on his ability to offer cutting-edge minimally-invasive treatments, such as facial unfilling with Hyaluronidase, that are designed to maintain the natural beauty and harmony of your appearance with as little risk and downtime as possible. If you have received HA-based dermal filler injections and think you may need facial unfilling with Hyaluronidase enzyme, we encourage you to contact Dr. Steinsapir today!

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