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Q & A with Dr. Steinsapir: I’m a 30 Year Old Woman Unhappy with Skin Around Eyes – Will Laser Resurfacing Help Me?

Published on April 5, 2015


I’m a 30-year-old female with fair, slightly freckled skin. I have been very unhappy with the skin around my eyes lately: it is puffy above the eye and slightly droopier on one side, and below the eye, the skin puffs up when I smile and there are some wrinkles forming. Are eye/eyebrow lifts the only ways to solve the eyelid problem? The botox did nothing. Perhaps I didn’t get enough? I have been recommended laser resurfacing for under-eye wrinkles. Will this work?


It is essential not to make a mild issue worse with a poor choice. First your heavy upper eyelid fold is a very important facial feature. Eyelid lift or belpharoplasty will cause the eyebrows to fall. To compensate for this, some surgeons take every bit of available skin in the upper eyelid space. This also causes the eyebrow to fall and the effect is that the eyebrows look sewn to the eyelashes. Some surgoen take out all the fat in this tissue and hollow out the upper eyelid. Again it is critical to preserve the fullness of this area. A judiciously performed forehead lift is an option. However, look at my Microdroplet Lift® method on my website. It is my opinon that for a very long time you could have this time of service and avoid surgery. For the lower eyelid, fillers are probably the best option. For your skin, please be very careful here. Read more by Dr. Steinsapir

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