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Facelift Surgery – Are You A Good Candidate?

Published on February 6, 2013

Facelift surgeries are clinical procedures whose goal is to diminish the number of wrinkles and improve their appearance in the facial area; facelifts can also be used for correcting other distinctive signs of aging both in the face and the jaw areas. Exposure to sun or chemicals, the natural process of aging, and stress all have harmful effects on our appearance. Plastic surgeons use special muscle lifting and tightening procedures to reverse these effects as much as possible. The entire structure of the patient’s face is going to look younger at the end of the surgery, making him look younger, well-rested, and completely rejuvenated. But is everyone a good candidate for such a surgery?

Who Are The Best Candidates?

The best candidates for facelift surgeries need to keep their expectations at realistic levels and agree to respect all recommended pre- and post-surgery advice and special instructions. At the end of a consultation, the surgeon is the one who will recommend whether the respective patient is well-suited and can undergo the operation. Alternative medical procedures can also be at times advised in the detriment of a facelift. The best candidates for facelifts are those whose skin is highly flexible, able to retain its suppleness in a natural way. The bone structure of a patient is another important element that will determine whether he or she is well-suited for the procedure.  Having a powerful bone structure is capable of properly supporting the surgical procedure, hence providing patients with enhanced results. Individuals who have extra loose skin in their face and neck area can also benefit from the special scalpel operation as all the excess skin will be removed. Good general health is anther must for all accepted candidates. In case you need a full consult before undergoing such a surgery, you can get in touch with some doctors in Israel using the Unimed site for professional services.