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A Leading Eyelid Surgeon in Los Angeles: Meet Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir

Published on September 23, 2015

A Leading Eyelid Surgeon in Los Angeles: Meet Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir

Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir

The fact that our eyes play a major role our appearance should come as no surprise; after all, the eyes are a central feature of the face and contribute greatly to our verbal and non-verbal communication with the outside world. What may be more surprising is that enhancing and rejuvenating your natural beauty often requires only small, subtle changes to the eyelids. Whether you have always been dissatisfied with the shape, symmetry, or appearance of your eyelids, or whether you have started to notice unwelcome changes such as fine lines and wrinkles, sagging or puffiness, or bagginess underneath the eyes, advanced eyelid surgery with world-renowned oculofacial and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir can subtly, yet dramatically, transform your appearance!

The decision to undergo eye surgery should not be taken lightly, because it can—and should—have a transformative impact on your appearance. And your choice of cosmetic surgeon should be taken just as seriously, because when eye surgery is inexpertly planned or performed using suboptimal techniques, the results can be disastrous, undermining your natural beauty instead of hindering it. When properly performed by a highly trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Steinsapir, the results will be nothing short of stunning. During your initial consultation with Dr. Steinsapir, he will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your specific concerns and develop a personalized surgical plan designed to achieve the exact facial improvement you want while minimizing risk and recovery time as much as possible.

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Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir is a UCLA- and University of Chicago-trained oculofacial and cosmetic surgeon with a private surgery practice in beautiful Los Angeles, CA. He is an internationally-recognized leader in eye surgery and cosmetic surgery, and has worked with patients from around the world who are seeking profound facial rejuvenation and enhancement. Why should you select Dr. Steinsapir as YOUR eyelid surgeon?

  • Extensive, rigorous training: Dr. Steinsapir has a level of training rare among cosmetic surgeons. He has completed three different training programs in cosmetic eye surgery: a Residency in Ophthalmology at the University of Chicago, followed by two fellowships at UCLA’s Jules Stein Eye Institute in Orbital Surgery and Research and Oculofacial Plastic Surgery.
  • Advanced and specialized surgical techniques: Dr. Steinsapir has personally developed numerous less aggressive and highly effective surgical techniques designed to reduce the risk of damage to the eyelid musculature and to preserve the natural harmony and balance of the facial features. These techniques offer significant improvement over traditional, overly-aggressive methods that can easily result in an unnatural, “worked on” appearance.
  • Personalized, patient-centric approach: Dr. Steinsapir believes in treating each patient as a unique individual with unique aesthetic needs. Rather than relying on a standardized, cookie-cutter approach, Dr. Steinsapir prides himself on meeting with each patient, developing a unique surgical plan precisely tailored to meet the individual aesthetic and medical needs of that patient, and handling every eyelid surgery himself.


If you are considering cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles, take the time to research your alternatives carefully and then select the very best eyelid surgeon with the skills, training, and experience you need to ensure naturally-gorgeous, simply stunning results: Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir, your eyelid surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

For more information, we encourage you to visit www.lidlift.com or contact Dr. Steinsapir today!


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