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  • Botox treatment in Los AngelesBOTOX® is a highly purified protein from a family of naturally occurring muscle-relaxing compounds.
  • BOTOX® was first widely used in ophthalmology to treat muscle spasms around the eyes. It was noticed that people who received this treatment had a softer, relaxed, and more youthful look. From this observation, BOTOX® Cosmetic was born.
  • Dr. Steinsapir encourages you to learn more about his background and then carefully look through the not retouched before and after photographs of his BOTOX® patients to understand what his natural approach can do for you.

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Microdroplet Lift® BOTOX® is an enhanced and now patented method of administering cosmetic BOTOX® to individuals who seek cosmetic facial improvement with minimal risk of side effects.

To achieve natural results without the “bat face” or “forehead freeze” sometimes associated with BOTOX®, Microdroplet Lift® BOTOX® relies on highly controlled placement of tiny microdroplets of botulinum toxin to balance out the give-and-take of the muscles pulling around the eyebrows and causing the all too familiar pinching and frown lines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Botox® Expertise

  • Dr. Steinsapir invented Microdroplet Lift® BOTOX®, a patented treatment proven to produce better outcomes for patients
  • Dr. Steinsapir trained alongside the inventor of BOTOX® and has performed thousands of BOTOX® treatments in Los Angeles since 1988.
  • Microdroplet Lift® BOTOX® does what no one else´s treatment can do: Elevate the eyebrows and create a forehead lift without freezing facial expression or creating those funny facial lines.
  • Only Dr. Steinsapir, a board certified ophthalmologist and fellowship trained cosmetic surgeon will be doing your BOTOX® treatment.
  • Dr. Steinsapir is a UCLA and University of Chicago trained surgeon who did separate fellowships in both cosmetic and eyelid plastic surgery.



  • Repetitive facial expression and environmental stress contribute to facial imbalance: causing crow’s feet, worry lines, forehead lines, and a perpetual pinch along the eyebrows.
  • Weakening the muscles responsible for facial imbalance with Botox® will improve these wrinkles.
  • Short of surgery, Botox® is the only way to slow down the formation of wrinkles caused by the muscle movements of facial expression. Its proper use for frown lines gives a rejuvenated youthful look to the face that previously required major surgery.
  • Younger people can benefit from Botox® to prevent frowning or forehead wrinkling from getting “etched” into their skin.

The Need for a New Treatment Approach

  • Standard methods involve injecting relatively large quantities of dilute BOTOX® solution in relatively few places. This type of treatment can allow the BOTOX® to “drift” resulting in unwanted side effects.
  • Dr. Steinsapir observed how these treatments resulted in a fall in the eyebrow position and forehead “freeze.” This unspoken limitation of standard methods has shaped literally millions of foreheads. It explains those well known actresses with glass smooth but frozen foreheads (the so-called “bat face”).
  • Dr. Steinsapir’s patent method called Microdroplet Lift® BOTOX®, results in a natural look without detracting from your facial expressiveness.

How Microdroplet Lift® Botox® Leads to Better Results

  • The position of the eyebrow is determined by a tug of war between the muscles that elevate the eyebrows and those that pull the eyebrows down.
  • Using microdroplet injections of BOTOX® in sufficient numbers, the eyebrow depressors are released. This elevates the eyebrows and softens the pinch at the brow. Since the eyebrow elevators don’t have to work so hard, the lines in the forehead are reduced without a hint of paralysis.
  • While all BOTOX® treatments are temporary, the effects can last 4 to 6 months. The procedure is very comfortable with virtually no downtime.



  • “I went to Dr. Steinsapir after my results with another doctor were not satisfactory. I am blown away from how natural my results have been. I was expecting that I would need surgery. My procedure was completed during my visit and Dr. Steinsapir was able to achieve my vision” – SW
  • “I actually swore off doing BOTOX® for a while because it seemed like it always made my eyebrows fall. I learned about Dr. Steinsapir from a girlfriend. This guy is a genius. His methods make so much sense and the results are just incredible. I look great and no one can tell that I am doing anything.” -DM

Is BOTOX® Safe?

BOTOX® made by Allergan, Inc., is an incredibly safe product with a 20 year track record. The safety of the FDA approved injections is now well established in millions of treatments. However, all drugs have the potential for side effects when used improperly or properly. Generally the safety of a drug is judged based on its safety record when used in the way detailed and approved by the FDA and the drug’s manufacturer. By this standard, BOTOX® is among the safest drugs in use today. Recently in the news, the FDA has begun to look into the safety of BOTOX® when doctors use it in certain off-label treatments. Off-label means a medical usage for which there is no specific FDA approved indication. Drugs are used for off-label use all the time and this is perfectly legal. However, off-label indications also have the potential for unstudied side effects. Even the small doses of BOTOX® used for cosmetic use can have some pretty significant side effects if improper injection techniques are used. This is why it is critical to work with an experienced injector like Dr. Steinsapir. The most significant problems with BOTOX® are associated with treating small infants with whopping doses to treat rare neuromuscular conditions. This application, which has been in the news is not FDA approved and has no actual relationship to the cosmetic use of BOTOX®. On the other hand, bootleg “BOTOX” has also been in the news and this specifically does relate to cosmetic use of this product. Some greedy doctors got the idea that they could buy research grade Botulinum toxin A never meant for human use for a much better price than buying BOTOX® from Allergan and make extra profit. Well guess what? People got hurt. The good news is that these doctors lost their licenses to practice medicine and many went to prison. The bottom line, go to reputable physicians, avoid situations where there is no physician, and if the price seems too good to be true it probably is—no one is giving real BOTOX® away.

I’ve heard that BOTOX® can be taken up by motor nerves and transported into the brain. This sounds pretty scary to me. Is this something I should be concerned about? Does this effect account for BOTOX® side effects?

The safety of BOTOX® for the FDA approved indications have been very carefully investigated with millions of treatments per year with very few side effects. The possible central activity of BOTOX® may be one of the reasons the treatment is so effective—you look good and feel good. The retrograde transport of BOTOX® may account for why BOTOX® is effective for headaches.

I’ve been going to the same place now for my last few BOTOX® treatments. At first it was really the best BOTOX® I had ever experienced but now it only seems to only last a few weeks. Am I becoming immune to BOTOX®?

It is really quite unusual to develop immunity to BOTOX®, especially at the dosages that are used cosmetically. So while it is not impossible to become immune, there are more likely explanations for this loss of treatment effectiveness. The most likely cause is that you are not getting as much BOTOX® in the syringe as you did with your initial treatment. Some offices seem to have a strategy of dose creep—give a good size dose initially and then throttling back on subsequent visits. If you have experienced this, it is probably time to find a new office for BOTOX®.

I am very confused about how BOTOX® is priced. Some places offer it by the unit and some places charge by the area. What’s up?

Welcome to retail medicine. Offices seem to intentionally confuse people as a way of getting them into the office. One office we are aware of advertises BOTOX® for $99 per area but if you count up the number of areas needed to treat the forehead and eyebrow, it is about 12 “areas.” Medically speaking, there is no such thing as an “area.” If you did get this service, you would still have no idea how much BOTOX® was administered. The other scam is selling BOTOX® by syringe. However, one syringe (typically one milliliter by volume) can contain as much as 50 units of BOTOX® or as little as no BOTOX® (afraid so). Allergan, Inc. supplies the medication in a dry vial. The doctor decides how to dilute the medication. Ethical offices use dilutions that generally vary from 2 to 4 ml of saline, so that a 1 ml syringe should contain between 25 to 50 units of BOTOX®. BOTOX® sold by the “unit” can also be deceptive as it is very difficult for the consumer to know what they are getting. At a minimum, you should insist on being told the total number of units the office is purporting to treat you with so you have a basis for future comparison. Dr. Steinsapir does not believe in pricing treatment by the unit or by the area. These pricing strategies force the consumer to practice medicine. Rather he prices BOTOX® by the service with most women receiving a treatment of 33 units of BOTOX® which is utilized for the Microdroplet Lift® BOTOX® service described above. This level of service works well for many men but some men (and also some women) have quite large muscle groups along the eyebrow and they benefit from a higher dose of BOTOX®. Dr. Steinsapir will tell you what he thinks you need to achieve the best possible result from Microdroplet Lift® BOTOX®.

I have blepharospasm with difficulty opening my eyes at times. I get Botox® every 4 to 6 months for this problem. Since I am new to the area, I actually fly back to Baltimore to get my treatment. Does Dr. Steinsapir treat blepharospasm?

Dr. Steinsapir has been treating blepharospasm since 1988 and trained with Allan Scott M.D., in San Francisco at the Pacific Medical Center. Dr. Scott invented the use of Botulinum A toxin for blepharospasm and first marketed this product as Oculinum®. Dr. Steinsapir does not participate with any insurance including Medicare. Therefore, you would need to privately contract with him for service. An office consultation will determine what dose of BOTOX® will be right for you. As a courtesy, the office will send you a bill that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. However, private contracting for Medicare beneficiaries precludes any billing to Medicare. Inquire with the office for more details.

I developed a droopy eyelid after a BOTOX® service a few years ago. I swore off Botox® for a while but I am thinking of doing it again. What are my chances of developing another droopy eyelid?

A droopy eyelid can occur when BOTOX® drifts deep into the eyelid. This generally is only going to happen if the injector places the needle too deep or pinches up the eyebrow. By avoiding these types of maneuvers, the incidence of dropping an eyelid following a Botox® service is vanishingly small.

I am an actor and I need to retain the ability to make facial expression. Should I avoid Botox® all together?

Dr. Steinsapir treats many working actors. Treatments should be customized to the degree of facial activity needed. Generally the Microdroplet Lift® BOTOX® treatment is applied less densely in the worry line area to maintain the ability to furrow. The Microdroplet Lift® BOTOX® treatment along the eyebrows and crows feet is very natural and does not interfere with the activity of the forehead. There is absolutely no reason to have a frozen forehead.

How much down time should I expect with my Microdroplet Lift® BOTOX® treatment?

Generally there is little bruising from the treatment. The skin can be a little red for an hour or two. We strongly advise you refrain from working out for 24 hours. Most people find that they can return to work right after their treatment.

What can I do to minimize the risk of bruising?

Certain medicines thin the blood, which is to say they promote bruising. Aspirin, Motrin, its generic form ibuprofen, and all non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents increase the risk of bruising. Virtually anything herbal may contain natural products that can increase the risk of bruising. Red wine can do the same. Normally these are healthy for us. However, to minimize the risk of having a bruise, it is advisable to avoid these types of products for about 10 days before a treatment. If you are not sure if a product you use on a regular basis promotes bruising, call the office and we can address this issue for you.

I am on Coumadin on the order of my doctor because I have a history of atrial fibrillation. Should I stop my Coumadin before having BOTOX®?

If you are taking a medication prescribed by your doctor specifically to promote anti-coagulation like Coumadin®, Plavix®, or even aspirin; don’t stop these medications without consulting the doctor who prescribed them. If you are serious about treatment, we advise a consultation with Dr. Steinsapir. He will assess your cosmetic needs and help balance them against your health issues. If treatment makes sense, it may be more reasonable to risk a bruise than to stop these medications.

Microdroplet Lift® BOTOX®/Dysport®/Xeomin®

Microdroplet Lift® BOTOX® is treatment that is so unique it´s protected by United States Patent 7,846,457 B2. Aspects of this treatment may be off-label. Only you and your physician can determine if an off-label treatment is right for you. The information provided here should be considered informational and not a solicitation or promotion of this treatment.

Hate The Freeze?

Love your BOTOX®/Dysport®/Xeomin® results but hate the freeze? Cosmetic Botulinum toxin treatment is the most popular non-invasive cosmetic service for a simple reason: it´s safe and effective. But does your treatment leave you a little flat? Many doctors commonly treat the forehead as a co-called off-label method to improve the forehead lines when they treat the lines between the eyebrows. That forehead muscle that makes the lines is doing the job of holding your eyebrows up. Freeze that muscle with Botulinum toxin and the eyebrows fall. So no big surprise, freeze the forehead, the lines go away that´s good but having your eyebrows fall not so good. Until now there was no alternative until Dr. Steinsapir invented the Microdroplet Lift® Botulinum Toxin forehead lift.

How It Works

Thanks to Cosmetic Surgeon and Board Certified Ophthalmologist, Dr. Steinsapir, you can ditch the pinch without the freeze. His break through method uses microdroplets of Botulinum Toxin (Dysport® and BOTOX®) to relax the muscles that pull the eyebrows down. This means that the eyebrow lift, the forehead muscle is left untreated. This revolutionary insight has forever changed how we think about periocular treatment with BOTOX® and Dysport®. By simply treating the muscles at the eyebrow that are responsible for pulling the eyebrow down and leaving the forehead lifter alone, a natural brow elevation is created without telltale muscle recruitment lines on the side of the forehead or strangly arched eyebrows. The forehead are diminished without paralyzing the frontalis muscle. This means that you maintain normal forehead movement and expressions. How special is this treatment developed by Dr. Steinsapir? It is so unique that the United States Patent Office granted Dr. Steinsapir Patent US 7,846,457 B2 to recogize him a the inventor of this method that revolutionizes the way we think about cosmetic BOTOX® and Dysport® treatments.

Microdroplet Lift® BOTOX® utilizes tiny microdroplet volumes of botulinum toxin injected into the facial skin at a precise depth, positioning, and treatment patterns to safely create lift without forehead freeze.

Advanced Technology for High-Profile Professionals

Microdroplet Lift® BOTOX® is a scientifically and anatomically based method of elevating the eyebrow position and softening overactive muscles, improving upon standard BOTOX® treatments through precisely controlled placement of BOTOX® injections to bring out an improved and more youthful appearance.

In proper balance, the interaction of these muscles create an overall relaxed yet expressive facial aesthetic. Microdroplet Lift® BOTOX® and Dysport® help restore a more youthful muscle balance . Soften the effects of age and stress that shows up with unwanted wrinkles, crowsfeet, worry lines, and pinched features around the eyes and brows. In the 1990s doctors recognized the value in using BOTOX® to correct overactive muscles to enhance the facial appearance, but this often came at the cost of a frozen forehead. The effect is so common among celebrities that these forehead affect has special names such as the “batface” and is a common form of entertainment and gossip website snipping. For more than two decades, BOTOX® providers have faced the challenge of delivering BOTOX® improvements without the unwanted side effect of lost facial expressiveness. Microdroplet Lift® BOTOX® is the patented solution that addresses these concerns.

Microdroplet Lift® BOTOX® weakens select muscles that pull the eyebrows down to attain a natural lift, creating an improved aesthetic that makes this patented treatment the preferred facial balance strategy for high-profile businesspeople, executives, actors, actresses, models, and public figures for whom a natural yet more youthful appearance is crucial to their professional competitiveness. Anyone who seek younger, brighter features that minimize signs of stress while emphasizing their best aesthetic while retaining natural expressiveness can benefit from this medical advancement.

About the Inventor

Dr. Kenneth D. Steinsapir, M.D. is both the inventor and patent holder of the Microdroplet Lift® Botulinum toxin method. He developed this technology drawing from his years of experience as a clinical scientist and specialty oculofacial microsurgeon.

  • Dr. Steinsapir learned to use BOTOX® with Allan Scott, M.D., who developed BOTOX®. Dr. Steinsapir has been treating with BOTOX® since 1988. He also offers Xeomin® and Dysport®.
  • Through careful observation, research, experience, and listening to the needs of those receiving cosmetic treatment with BOTOX®, Dr Steinsapir developed the Microdroplet Lift® Botulinum Toxin method, which he invented in 2005 to minimize side effects and maximize natural inprovements.
  • On September 2, 2010 The United States Patent and Trademark Office approved the invention as detailed in U.S. patent application 11/429,057 in a move that validates the research and utility behind this medical technology.
  • On December 7, 2010 The United States Patent and Trademark Office officially issued a rare patent (US 7,846,457 B2) to Dr. Steinsapir for his Microdroplet Lift® BOTOX invention.

Dr. Steinsapir, a board certified ophthalmologist and fellowship trained cosmetic surgeon located in Los Angeles, California and an Associate Clinical Professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He always personally performs your Microdroplet Lift® treatment. Dr Steinsapir completed three years of fellowship training in Oculofacial Surgery and a two year fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and an elected fellow of the American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He personally has performed thousands of BOTOX® treatments in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills since 1988. With an emphasis on balanced features, fast recovery time, and leadership in medical technology, Dr. Steinsapir is a much-sought-after surgeon. Many individuals travel nationally and internationally to seek the best BOTOX® and cosmetic facial treatments from him. To learn more about the science behind Microdroplet Lift® BOTOX® and understand how this medical advancement combined with Dr. Steinsapir’s superb skill can help you achieve your desired facial improvements, contact us today. Make a Microdroplet Lift® Botulinum Toxin forehead lift part of your plan to be your best. Take the first step by calling to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Steinsapir. While there is never an obligation, you can have service at the time of your consultation.

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