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Published onMarch 12, 2015



Sagging or drooping of the upper and/or lower eyelids—technically termed “eyelid ptosis”—can have unfortunate aesthetic and medical consequences, for which surgical treatment by a well-respected and experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir may be appropriate. When ptosis occurs in the upper eyelid, the result can be an alteration of the natural contour of the upper eye potentially leading to vision problems, while ptosis of the lower eyelid can result in the visibility of excess white below the colored portion of the eye.

malpositionPtosis can have several underlying causes, and it is critical that your surgeon correctly diagnose the cause of your eyelid ptosis in order to develop an appropriate treatment plan. Congenital ptosis (developmental dystrophy) occurs when the levator muscle responsible for lifting the upper eyelid is not completed developed, giving the eyelid a droopy, heavy appearance, often coupled with the absence of the eyelid crease. A more rare congenital ptosis, known as Marcus-Gunn Jaw-Winking Ptosis, is caused when jaw movements result in the eyelid falling from its normal position. For most individuals, however, ptosis occurs over time and can have several underlying structural and mechanical causes that must be diagnosed by an expert oculofacial surgeon to ensure that the surgical plan fully addresses the problem at its root.


If you believe you may need eye surgery to treat your eyelid ptosis, it is absolutely critical to select a trained, experienced surgeon who will accurately diagnosis the root cause of your ptosis and develop a personalized surgical plan precisely tailored to achieve the appropriate facial improvement. Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir is a UCLA- and University of Chicago-trained oculofacial and cosmetic surgeon with a private surgery practice in beautiful Beverly Hills, CA. Why should you select him as your ptosis surgery?

  1. Extensive, rigorous training: Dr. Steinsapir has completed three training programs specifically geared towards cosmetic eye surgery: a Residency in Ophthalmology at the University of Chicago, a fellowship in Orbital Surgery and Research and a fellowship in Oculofacial Plastic Surgery, both at UCLA’s Jules Stein Eye Institute.
  2. Advanced, specialized surgical techniques: Dr. Steinsapir has developed less-aggressive, highly effective surgical techniques to replace traditional, overly-aggressive methods that carry a high risk of damage to the eyelid musculature and can result in an unnatural appearance. His specialized techniques achieve optimal results that harmoniously blend with your natural facial balance, while facilitating faster recovery times and minimizing risk and downtime.
  3. Personalized approach: Steinsapir believes that a cookie-cutter approach to eyelid ptosis surgery is simply not appropriate. Instead, Dr. Steinsapir creates a unique surgical plan precisely tailored to meet the individual aesthetic and medical needs of each patient, based on an extensive evaluation of your natural eyelid structure and a careful diagnosis of your ptosis.

If you would like additional information about surgical treatments for your eyelid ptosis, eye surgery in general, or other cosmetic surgery procedures with Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir in sunny Los Angeles, California, we encourage you to visit www.lidlift.com or contact our office today!

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