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What to Expect with a Forehead Lift

Published on August 16, 2018

Have you been considering receiving a forehead lift in Beverly Hills? If so, you have also probably been wondering what to expect before, and following the procedure, as well as what benefits this treatment will lend. Let go of any worries you may have by reading up about Dr. Steinsapir’s forehead lift and don’t hesitate to call the LidLift offices today to schedule your first consultation, and begin your journey to a gorgeous, younger looking face!

Before Your Procedure

Leading up to the day of your forehead lift procedure, you will have to go through a few preliminary appointments with Dr. Steinsapir to ensure that you get the final look that’s right for your goals. Because your forehead controls so much of your aesthetic personality and allows for a myriad of facial expressions, it is of the utmost important that Dr. Steinsapir is able to perform a flawless lift. To do this, you will need to attend a consultation to address what facial features have started to show signs of aging, and what can be done surgically. In some cases, Dr. Steinsapir may recommend a variety of facial operations to give you the rejuvenation you have been wanting.

Choosing which procedures will work best for your facial structure and goals will be a decision made by both you and Dr. Steinsapir during your consultation. Call LidLift now to schedule your forehead lift in Beverly Hills consultation and start planning your procedure today!

Benefits of a Forehead Lift Procedure

The benefits of deciding to get a forehead lift in Beverly Hills are numerous and can rejuvenate the look of your skin and overall facial features. Dr. Steinsapir will most likely present the endoscopic forehead lift option to you because this procedure minimizes the amount of incisions needed to complete the surgery. In addition, this procedure is also beneficial to your because it helps you maintain a more natural look, it reduces the feeling of numbness or tingling due to surgery and reduces the amount of hair loss that usually accompanies a forehead lift procedure. The recovery time of an endoscopic forehead lift is also significantly shorter and less painful. Your scarring is minimalized, and the effects of this forehead lift last as long as the open face procedure, without the significantly longer recovery period.

Recovering from a Forehead Lift

The recovery time following a forehead lift can vary depending on whether other operations were also performed at the same time. If you choose to have your surgery performed by Dr. Steinspair from LidLift, your procedure will take place at the UCLA outpatient surgery center, and you will be able to go home after your surgery without staying the night in a hospital room. As soon as your post-op doctors have cleared you, your recovery can be fully maintained in your house. If you chose to proceed with the forehead facelift alone, you should feel ready to resume daily activities one week following the procedure. Because Dr. Steinspair chooses to use intravenous sedation instead of general anesthesia, your recovery should be slightly quicker due to the lack of drug exposure during your sedation period. If you chose to receive additional facelift procedures along with your forehead lift, your recovery time can vary, though most patients can return to their daily activities ten days following surgery.

Schedule your first consultation to have a forehead lift in Beverly Hills performed by the talented Dr. Steinspair at LidLift and get closer to your skincare goals today!

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