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Versatility of Face Lift Procedures

Published on July 13, 2018

Often when people think of face lift procedures, they imagine the most common procedure which involves lifting the higher proportions of your face. The truth is that face lift procedures can be a lot of different variations of lifting. Face lifts can also be applied to the neck area for patients who have skin around their jaw and necklines. These procedures allow for patients to regain the more youthful appearance of firmer, younger skin with one solution. Learn more about the versatility of face lift procedures in this informative discussion, then contact the talented team at LidLift to schedule your neck liposuction in Beverly Hills today!

Face Lift Procedure

Ideally, our facial structures are full of sleek, contouring lines with a fullness in our cheeks and an angular chin. Unfortunately, after time, this firmness in our skin elasticity fades and our faces begin to fall as a result. Age, weight gain and smoking are a few factors that can lead to significant changes in facial features. To combat this aging, the face lift procedure has been perfected to give patients back the attractive contouring facial lines. During this procedure, a surgeon will identify the points of your face that need the most attention, then customize the procedure to target these areas specifically. A trained and successful surgeon takes meticulous care to ensure that each problem area is treated individually, until the final desired result has been achieved.

In addition to standard facelift procedures, Dr. Steinsapir can also treat sagging skin through the process of liposuction. Traditionally, liposuction is performed on lower jaw and neck areas of the face, but treatment will be determined on a case by case decision. If you are looking for a talented doctor to perform liposuction in Beveryly Hills, call Dr. Steinsapir to schedule your first consultation.

Neck Liposuction

Another form of face lifting is done through the application of liposuction to the lower areas of the face. This procedure is beneficial for patients who are experiencing a fall of their jaw or neck skin. In these cases, patients have what are commonly known as jowls, which is the physical appearance of fat pockets at the base of the jaw line. These jowls are a result of the loosening of skin elasticity and the natural effect that gravity has on our ageing skin. To fight this falling skin effect, liposuction can be performed to target the neck and jaw skin to restore the youthful and buoyant look of natural and firm skin. In addition to liposuction treatment, healthy daily activity and a clean diet can also help fight these aging signs. Staying in shape is an effective method along with lower jaw and neck liposuction to maintain youthful face shape.

Schedule a consultation for neck liposuction in Beverly Hills with LidLift to discuss target areas with one of our talented doctors. During your consultation you will review target areas that you want to improve and Dr. Steinsapir will determine the best course of treatment to get you in younger looking skin. During your procedure, Dr. Steinsapir will perform the liposuction by creating small incisions around your lower jaw area, insert numbing solution, then eliminate the fat cells. For your lower face and neck liposuction in Beverly Hills, you have the option of local or general anesthesia. Most patients are comfortable enough to choose local anesthesia and this choice also cuts down the cost of the procedure significantly. If you are comfortable having routine dental procedures, a local anesthetic should be a great option for you. After your treatment, Dr. Steinsapir will wrap your lower jaw line with gauze and provide you with a soft facial compression garment that promotes skin buoyancy and reduces swelling. Patients are usually allowed to return to daily activities three days after surgery. Call us today to schedule your neck liposuction in Beverly Hills at LidLift and get back in radiant skin you’ll love!

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