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Upper Eyelid Surgery Overview

Published on January 19, 2016


Upper Eyelid Surgery | Oculofacial Plastic Surgery | Beverly HillsBenefits of Upper Eyelid Surgery

The benefits of upper eyelid surgery, when performed by a talented and experienced oculofacial and cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir, can be truly amazing. Yet developing a comprehensive appreciation for just how dramatic upper eyelid surgery can be requires an understanding of the anatomical changes that the eyelids undergo over time and how those changes impact your overall appearance.

The muscle responsible for controlling movement of the upper eyelid is known as the levator (or levator palpebrae superioris, in medical terminology). Over time, usually beginning in the late 30s or early 40s, this muscle slowly begins to weaken. When coupled with other aging-related changes to the thin, delicate skin of the eyelid, such as loss of elasticity and the build-up of excess fatty tissue, we begin to see the development of upper eyelid drooping, also known as “ptosis”, and/or dermachalasis, or “hooding”. These changes can give the eyes a heavy, droopy, chronically tired appearance, causing you to look significantly older than you really are. They can also lead to potential medical problems including gradual loss of peripheral vision, reduced vision due to decreased light entering the eye, and fatigue, wrinkles, and headaches because of increased strain on the eyebrows.

Restore Your Youthful Eyes

Luckily, corrective action in the form of upper eye surgery performed by an extensively trained and highly experience oculofacial and cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir in Beverly Hills, CA, can restore your well-rested, youthful glow and your eyes’ bright, cheerful sparkle! Also known as upper eyelid surgery, upper blepharoplasty, upper eye lift, or a simple lidlift, Dr. Steinsapir’s advanced, less aggressive eye surgery techniques consistently deliver naturally-beautiful rejuvenation with less recovery time and risk of complications than traditional techniques.

Specific benefits of upper eyelid surgery with Dr. Steinsapir include:

  • Reduction of puffiness and swelling of the upper eyelids for a youthfully refreshed appearance
  • Elimination of hooding by removing excess skin that obscures the natural fold in the upper eyelid
  • Correction of upper eyelid ptosis by tightening and lifting the eyelid musculature, minimizing the appearance of droopiness and sagging
  • Creation of a smoother eyelid platform, eliminating the appearance of crepiness and easing the use of eyelid make-up

Traditional upper eye surgery achieved these results with the use of overly aggressive, subtractive surgical techniques that compromised the structural integrity of the levator muscle, increasing the risk of long-term damage to the upper lid, potentially hindering the patient’s ability to fully close the eyelid, and resulting in an unnatural, overworked appearance. To avoid these unfortunate results, Dr. Steinsapir has developed highly advanced, innovative, less aggressive techniques that preserve the integrity of the eyelid while avoiding damage to the underlying musculature and the delicate eyelid tissues. Use of these cutting-edge techniques, coupled with a truly personalized approach, enables Dr. Steinsapir to offer his patients consistently beautiful, natural-looking results that refresh their appearance and enhance their youthful glow.

Dr. Steinsapir’s private practice is located in beautiful Los Angeles, California. If you are interested in having upper eyelid surgery performed by a true expert, or would like additional information on other eye surgery or cosmetic surgery procedures offered by Dr. Steinsapir, please visit www.lidlift.com or contact our office today!

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