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The Top Five Myths About BOTOX

Published on October 24, 2016

Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir offers individualized treatments for patients in the Beverly Hills area, including BOTOX Cosmetic and Microdroplet BOTOX. BOTOX is one of three FDA approved cosmetic botulinum toxin products available in the United States. These include BOTOX made by Allergan, Xeomin by Merz, and Dysport produced by Galderma. These products are used as injectable treatment for reversing and preventing the signs of the aging process by correcting unwanted facial lines and wrinkles.

Many people want to correct signs of aging and wrinkling with cosmetic botulinum toxin, but they are concerned because they have seen the “frozen” look publicized in popular media and tabloids that can result from the unwanted effects of these services. However, it is now possible to have cosmetic botulinum toxin treatment without shiny foreheads that don’t move. Dr. Steinsapir has invented a new treatment method that achieves natural results without the “freeze” commonly associated with treatments like BOTOX. Dr. Steinsapir’s method is so special that he was issues a patent by the United States. His new method is called the Microdroplet Lift®. The Microdroplet Lift® corrects worry lines without interfering with the normal muscle activity in the forehead. Normal forehead movement is preserved allowing for facial expression.

Botulinum toxin is a purified protein that was first described for cosmetic use around the eyes in 1992. Its safety has been extensively studied. It is FDA approved for cosmetic purposes. BOTOX works by relaxing contracted muscles, letting the skin tissues smooth out and remove the wrinkles that result from this tension. It has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments because it is generally very safe and consistent. It is administered at a brief office visit and it produces visible changes that in the past could only be obtained with surgical procedures.

As a nonsurgical cosmetic treatment, BOTOX has become widely respected as a comfortable and safe procedure that can rejuvenate one’s appearance and restore a natural, youthful look. However, BOTOX has also received much bad publicity in the media and in tabloids from treatments in our most famous actresses that have gone bad. Think of the glass smooth but frozen forehead of TV actresses or the Nichole Kidman “bat face.” More recently the disastrous cosmetic result of Rene Zellweger comes to mind. The “Many faces of the BOTOX Babe,” a cartoon showing 6 panels describing 6 emotions but with no facial changes is a social media meme that is now part of mainstream culture. These instances have led to false and misleading stereotypes. Here are five common myths about cosmetic botulinum toxin, along with the truth behind each.


MYTH 1: “BOTOX is dangerous.”
REALITY: The misconception that BOTOX and other cosmetic botulinum toxins are dangerous treatment is simply not true. BOTOX has been an approved method of treatment since its acceptance by the FDA in 1989. Its cosmetic effects and its safety together with Xeomin and Dysport have been very rigorously studied. These are among the safest and best studies treatments in all of medicine. Tens of millions of people have used cosmetic botulinum toxins since their approval with very few complications. The complications that do occur are well understood and complications are rare when service is provided by well trained and experienced physicians who specializes in facial cosmetic procedures.

MYTH 2: “BOTOX is only for wrinkles.”
REALITY: BOTOX is a versatile treatment that can be used for a variety of purposes, including cosmetic concerns such as wrinkling and other signs of aging. Cosmetic botulinum toxin is used to soften the pinched eyebrow, lift the eyebrow, and improve chin dimpling. Medical uses of Botulium toxin A include reducing migraines, muscle spasm, and controlling excessive sweating to name a few of the ever expanding medical uses of botulinum toxin. All of these treatments can be accomplished with any of the FDA approved products: BOTOX®, Dysport®, and Xeomin® .

MYTH 3: “BOTOX is just for women.”
REALITY: It is easy to associate cosmetic facial treatments specifically with women, but again this is an unwarranted stereotype. Cosmetic botulinum toxin treatment is suitable for men just as much as for women. Both men and women care about their looks and their grooming, and all of us are interested in minimally invasive services that really do work to maintain a youthful appearance. The number of men getting cosmetic botulinum toxin is rapidly growing.

MYTH 4: “Wrinkles will worsen if you stop getting treatments.”
REALITY: This myth is not substantiated. One of the advantages of BOTOX is that it is nonsurgical, noninvasive, and reversible. This means that repeating treatment will enable you to maintain its benefits, and it also means that if you decide that BOTOX is not right for you, then you can opt to stop treatment. Commonly treatment maintence is recommended two to three times a year directed by personal preference. If you decide to stop treatment, your wrinkles reappear. In comparison to a fully treated eye area, sure the wrinkles don’t look so good. Stopping cosmetic botulinum toxin do not make things look worse but if it has been a few years since you took a break in treatment, remember, that the aging clock does not stop. Generally it is thought that BOTOX can actually serve as a preventative treatment, keeping wrinkle lines from getting worse over time.

MYTH 5: “People get addicted to BOTOX.”
REALITY: “Addiction” language is popular in media, but addiction actually refers to a physiological process of dependence, which is not relevant to BOTOX. Even if media is referring to an emotional (not medical) “addiction”, this is not medically substantiated. The fact is that BOTOX has absolutely no physically addictive substances. Individuals who return for treatment do so because it is effective, and if it is not right for them then they do not continue treatment.

Natural Results: These myths about BOTOX are outdated and have unfortunately arisen from media that makes an example of the worst cases. BOTOX, like any cosmetic procedure, should be provided under the care of a specialized doctor who customizes the treatment for your unique features.

The biggest concern about BOTOX has arisen from results that appear unnatural or “frozen.” The Microdroplet Lift®, a treatment protected under US Patent 7,846,457 B2, avoids this problem of the “forehead freeze” by carefully controlling the placement of tiny micro droplets of botulinum toxin to treat the muscles responsible for pulling the eyebrows down, without affecting other parts of the face. By this means, you can retain full range of expression and normal forehead movement.

We encourage you to not let media depictions of BOTOX deter you from asking questions and learning more about how BOTOX can help you. BOTOX has the transformative power to remove signs of aging and soften your features, as long as it is delivered skillfully and in consideration of your individual features. To schedule a BOTOX consultation with Dr. Steinsapir, please contact us today. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have, and learn about how customized treatment can help you achieve results that appear truly natural.

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