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The Liquid Facelift

Published on September 10, 2015


Look Years Younger, Without Surgery!

For many years, the only truly effective method of restoring the smooth, fresh, and wrinkle-free appearance of youth was with a surgical facelift. Today, all that has changed-for the better! Discover the incredible Liquid Facelift with Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir: a powerful combination of Dr. Steinsapir’s patented Microdroplet Lift® and next-generation dermal facial fillers that will give your skin a plump, healthy glow and enhance your youthful, natural beauty!

The advanced, customizable combination of the Microdroplet Lift® and hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers offers, for many patients, amazing rejuvenation that is simply more powerful than what can be achieved with traditional facelift surgery.

How does The Liquid Facelift work?

First, Dr. Steinsapir uses carefully-placed injections of next-generation dermal fillers to enhance the skin’s natural moisture retention, restore the skin’s plump, smooth, hydrated appearance, and refresh and volumize facial contours. Next, Dr. Steinsapir utilizes his patented Microdroplet Lift® technique to apply powerful neuromodulators (BOTOX®, Xeomin®, or Dysport®) to minimize deep lines and wrinkles and smooth away worry and frown lines, while maintaining the muscular balance required for normal expressiveness and ensuring a completely natural-and beautiful-appearance.

Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir

Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir is a highly accomplished oculofacial and cosmetic surgeon with an international reputation built around his cutting-edge developments in less aggressive surgical techniques and powerful non-surgical rejuvenation treatments like the Microdroplet Lift®. The success of his Liquid Facelift stems from his in-depth knowledge of delicate facial structures that enable him to use dermal fillers and neuromodulators to augment the harmony and balance of facial contours for results that are both natural and youthful. If you are interested in powerful, natural-looking facial rejuvenation without surgery, we encourage you to contact Dr. Steinsapir to schedule your consultation today!

To learn more about procedures and treatments performed by Beverly Hills | Los Angeles Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir, contact us at 310-274-7422

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