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Revison Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) Before & After Photos

Published on August 25, 2015


Revision Eyelid Surgery | Beverly Hills | Los AngelesUntouched Before and After Photos of Actual Revision Eyelid Lift Patients

It is often said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and this is never more true than when considering the results of a cosmetic surgery procedure. Every person has their own unique, natural beauty that can be subtly or dramatically altered by cosmetic surgery, especially around the eyes, which play a central role in the harmony and balance of a naturally-gorgeous appearance. Every individual must decidefor53f4e80b63ae2themselves whether to undergo eye surgery (blepharoplasty) or other form of plastic surgery, and every individual must decide for themselves whether they are pleased with the resulting changes. In many cases, when the surgery is performed by a skilled and qualified surgeon, the results of an eyelid lift are dramatically stunning. In far too many cases, however, patients are left dissatisfied with the results of their lid lift, either because their original aesthetic concern was not addressed or because the results simply did not live up to the standards of beauty that they had anticipated for themselves.

Luckily, there is no reason to live with unsatisfying or disappointing surgical results. As these untouched before and after photos demonstrate, advanced revision eyelid lift surgery utilizing the less aggressive surgical techniques developed by the highly skilled and extensively trained oculofacial and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir can correct problems created by prior surgery and achieve stunning, naturally-beautiful results. Dr. Steinsapir has years of experience correctly diagnosing the improper techniques that created the aesthetic concerns during the original surgery in order to create a customized surgical plan designed specifically for your unique facial contours. As you view photos of different patients who have worked with Dr. Steinsapir, it quickly becomes clear that to meet the aesthetic requirements of so many different individuals, revision eyelid lift surgery requires a highly personalized approach, in which Dr. Steinsapir specializes. A standardized, “cookie-cutter” approach, used by far too many surgeons, is unlikely to result in changes that blend harmoniously with existing features, and in fact, likely caused the problems which now require revision eyelid lift surgery.

Revision eyelid lift surgery is a complex, complicated surgical procedure in a delicate area of the face, where even the smallest changes can have a huge impact on your appearance. Dr. Steinsapir’s personalized approach and innovative surgical techniques play a critical role in ensuring that your second eyelid lift is more successful than your first. Just as critical, however, is maintaining an open, honest dialogue between patient and surgeon before, during, and after your procedure to ensure that your concerns are heard and your goals achieved safely and successfully. Showing you unedited, unaltered before and after photos of his actual patients is the first step in this honest dialogue. These are not stock photos taken from a generic cosmetic surgery practice, nor have these photos been edited, manipulated, or “touched up”. Instead, these are actual photos of patients who have had revision eyelid lift surgery with Dr. Steinsapir, to demonstrate his versatile clinical skillset and extensive surgical experience.

If you believe you need a revision eyelid lift, we encourage you to contact Dr. Steinsapir at his beautiful, peaceful office in Beverly Hills, California for a personalized consultation today!

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