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RealfSelf.com Review: 44 Year Old Male; Eyelid Ptosis Correction; Restylane Injections, Beverly Hills, CA

Published onFebruary 2, 2016


About five years back I had some bad luck…

realself reviewsAbout five years back I had some bad luck with a cosmetic procedure performed by a London doctor. Over the next few years I found myself caught up in the dreaded downward spiral of procedure after procedure, hoping to either restore my original appearance, or to at least improve the upon what I was left with. Unfortunately, each subsequent procedure brought its own set of additional problems. (And this despite the fact that after that first bad procedure I had made every effort to choose what I thought were the most capable surgeons.) No single subsequent procedure was an outright disaster, but each took me a little farther away from what I’d started with. Almost 6 years later I no longer looked quite like myself, and definitely worse than before I’d started it all (as several of my closest friends have admitted to me).

I had given up on ever being able to correct what I’d allowed done to my face, but thought perhaps I could improve my appearance by addressing a separate, unrelated problem which I’d long had, and had gotten worse over the years: a ptosis, or drooping, of my upper left eyelid, as well as bit of excess skin near the fold.

Having my eyelid ptosis corrected was not a decision I wanted to rush into. Eyelid surgery is very precise and very delicate, and I routinely see even wealthy and famous people whose eye surgery leaves them looking like different people. And of course, my own past plastic surgery results have been mediocre to poor.

I found Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir through RealSelf, and am very grateful to have done so. I flew to LA for a consult, based on my positive impression from his website. Read more…

I can give Dr. Steinsapir my whole-hearted, most enthusiastic recommendation.Jwc2london

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