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Published onOctober 6, 2015


Eyelid Ptosis: A Very Common Aesthetic Concern

Are you upset by the fact that your friends are always asking whether you are getting enough rest? Are you concerned that you always look tired, or that your face appears heavy, sleepy, or simply older than you would like? Are you dissatisfied with the results of a prior eye surgery? The fact is, our eyes are a central feature of the face and play a critical role in our appearance, and even small changes to the eyelids can have profound aesthetic implications. The technical term for sagging or drooping eyelids is eyelid ptosis and can be the unfortunate result of a prior surgery that utilized improper technique or failed to address the underlying cause of the original aesthetic concern, it can simply be one symptom of the natural aging process, or for some, they were born with the condition.

Getting Older?

Whether your ptosis is the result of getting older, a prior surgery, or from birth it can have dramatic and unwelcome implications for both your appearance and your self-confidence. Luckily, it does not have to be a permanent feature of your face! Today’s advanced eyelid surgery techniques when performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon such as Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir can resolve your eyelid ptosis safely and successful, restoring your appearance and even enhancing your naturally-beautiful eyes. Dr. Steinsapir is a world-renowned Board Certified oculofacial and cosmetic surgeon with an international reputation built on his innovative, less-aggressive surgical techniques designed to correct the underlying causes of eyelid ptosis for long-term, highly effective, and most importantly, natural-looking results.

Eyelid ptosis

Eyelid ptosis is a very common aesthetic concern, but it should not be treated using common, traditional techniques. Unfortunately, too many surgeons continue to utilize overly-aggressive surgical techniques and a “cookie-cutter” approach, leading to unnatural-looking results and potentially even damaging the fragile eyelid musculature. Dr. Steinsapir’s highly personalized approach to eyelid surgery, coupled with his advanced surgical techniques, ensures that the root cause of your ptosis is correctly diagnosed and that your personally-tailored surgical plan will optimize your naturally-beautiful results. Dr. Steinsapir personally plans and performs every eye surgery he performs, so you can feel confident knowing that your eyelid surgery will be a success!

If you would like additional information about surgical treatments for your eyelid ptosis with Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, California, we encourage you to visit www.lidlift.com or contact our office today! Learn More…

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