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Mohs Eyelid Reconstruction Overview

Published onDecember 12, 2015


Eyelid Reconstruction After Mohs Cancer SurgeryMohs Eyelid Reconstruction Overview

A diagnosis of skin cancer can be devastating, and while today’s advanced surgical techniques and treatment options mean that we are surviving skin cancer in ever greater numbers, the most effective treatment for many skin cancers—surgical removal of cancerous tissue—can leave behind traumatic physical reminders of the disease. Believed to be caused by exposure to the sun’s powerful UV rays, skin cancer and pre-cancerous tumors can form on any area of the body, but is especially common on areas that receive significant sun exposure, especially the face and including the delicate skin of the eyelids.

Treatment of Skin Cancer

The most effective treatment of skin cancer and pre-cancerous lesions available today is a highly-advanced surgical technique known as Mohs’ cancer surgery. Performed by a skilled and qualified dermatologist, Mohs’s surgery involves the precise surgical removal of the tumor or lesion, carefully cutting away extremely thin slices of the tumor and immediately examining each slice under a microscope to ensure complete removal of the cancerous lesion. Because Mohs’ surgery enables the dermatologist to precisely distinguish cancerous tissue from healthy tissue on the spot, it has the advantage of minimizing the removal of adjacent healthy tissue. Still, in many cases the surgery requires removal of sufficient facial tissue to leave behind a visible, potentially disfiguring gap in the normal tissue of the eyelid.

Oculofacial and Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir, world renowned oculofacial and cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California, performs advanced eyelid reconstruction surgery following Mohs’ surgery to repair and rebuild the impacted eyelid as much as possible. More than just cosmetic surgery, Dr. Steinsapir’s ultimate goal is to preserve eyelid functionality, as well as minimize unwelcome aesthetic consequences. Dr. Steinsapir is uniquely qualified to perform these challenging, complex reconstructive eye surgery techniques; Board Certified in Ophthalmology, he also completed advanced fellowships in both Cosmetic Surgery and Oculofacial Microsurgery. In fact, his surgical expertise and international reputation for cutting-edge, innovative surgical techniques encourages patients from around the world to travel to his Los Angeles practice for reconstructive eye surgery. He takes a personalized approach to each and every reconstructive surgery he performs, developing customized surgical plans that take into account each patient’s unique facial structure and extent of reconstruction required, in order to achieve successful, natural-looking results to every possible extent.

Eyelid Reconstruction

When planning reconstruction after Mohs’ surgery, Dr. Steinsapir recommends a team approach between himself and a Board Certified dermatologist, and encourages you to contact him in advance of your Mohs’ surgery so he can be involved in your care from the very beginning. During your Mohs’ procedure, your dermatologist will perform the cancer excision until all traces of the tumor have been removed, then close the incision while, if possible, taking into consideration the extent of reconstruction required. Dr. Steinsapir will then examine the surgical site and determine the required steps for reconstruction. In many cases, reconstructing an eyelid that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing may require a multi-stage surgical approach.

Your eyelids form a critical part of your facial anatomy, the importance of which should not be underestimated. If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer and have been scheduled for Mohs’ cancer surgery on your eyelid, or if you have already undergone the eye surgery and are interested in learning more about reconstructive surgery, we encourage you to contact Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir today for an individual consultation.

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