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Let Your Eyes Sparkle and Shine Again with Lower Eyelid Surgery!

Published on February 1, 2016


Lower Eyelid Surgery

lower eye lid surgeryMany patients walk into Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir’s private surgical practice in beautiful Beverly Hills, California believing that they need a facelift to reverse the troubling signs of aging and revitalize their tired, care-worn appearance. And while some individuals do require a full facelift, many others are surprised to learn that their problem areas are better addressed with a less aggressive lower eyelid lift. That’s right: for many patients, Dr. Steinsapir can recommend a lower eyelid lift that utilizes subtle, precise alterations to the delicate skin underneath the eyes to effect dramatic revitalization of the natural contours of the face. This powerful surgical procedure can literally erase years of damage caused by the environment, stress, and the passage of time and restore your youthful, energetic, vigorous appearance!

Lower eyelid surgery, also known as lower blepharoplasty or a lower lid lift, offers stunning facial rejuvenation by reversing a tired appearance, erasing signs of aging and sun exposure, improving naturally-beautiful facial contours, and giving the face an overall brighter, refreshed look. Lower eyelid surgery is a powerful corrective procedure that can address multiple problematic eye issues, including:

  • Puffiness and fullness under the eyes caused by excess fatty tissue
  • Dark circles, hollows, and bags under the eyes
  • Excessively droopy lower eyelids that reveal too much white below the iris (scleral show)
  • Wrinkles, lines, and excess skin and wrinkles around the lower eyelid

For many patients, correcting these unsightly cosmetic problems can be achieved with a Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty. This advanced procedure involves removing and/or subtly contouring excess fatty tissue through a small incision located behind the lower eyelid. Simply put, this less aggressive technique produces superior aesthetic results while minimizing the risk of visible scarring or distortion of facial contours. This procedure offers the additional benefit of enhancing hollow facial contours by transferring excess fat from the lower eyelids to the mid-face region, eliminating the need for facial fat grafting to fill in lost facial volume. The result: eyes that sparkle with youthful energy and a face that looks well-rested, vigorous, and naturally-gorgeous!

Board Certified Ophthalmologist and Fellowship trained Oculofacial and Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir is a board certified ophthalmologist who is double fellowship trained in oculofacial and cosmetic surgery. He has developed an international reputation for his cutting-edge, less aggressive eye surgery techniques that consistently deliver exceptional results. Yet even more importantly, Dr. Steinsapir prides himself on his personalized approach and his honest, truthful approach to eye surgery, and indeed cosmetic surgery in general. His goal is to achieve each patient’s unique aesthetic goals using the least invasive techniques possible. He will never “sell” you a specific procedure because it is the latest fashion or the most expensive. Instead, he will conduct a thorough examination to identify the root causes of your dissatisfaction, talk with you about your goals and concerns, and develop a surgical plan that is uniquely suited to your anatomy and your needs. And for many patients, powerful rejuvenating results can be achieved with a less invasive approach, such as a lower blepharoplasty.

If you are ready to bring back your eyes’ youthful sparkle, lower eyelid surgery with Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir may be right for you! For more information about lower eyelid surgery, other eye surgery options, or our full range of cosmetic surgery procedures in sunny Los Angeles, California, we encourage you to visit www.lidlift.com or contact our office today!

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