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Is Facial Liposuction Permanent?

Published onJanuary 3, 2019

When looking into plastic surgery methods and treatments, it can get confusing to go through all the vast varieties and remember the specifics for each potential solution. While there are some treatments that are permanent and will benefit your body for the rest of your life, other methods such as breast augmentations have the potential for needing a replacement. If you are interested in facial liposuction but are hesitant about the possibility for needing continuous treatment throughout your life, find out more about the specifications of treatment with this insightful blog from LidLift! Receive the best face liposuction in Beverly Hills when you choose LidLift today.

Will Your Facial Liposuction Treatment Be Permanent?

The brief answer is yes. When you receive a facial liposuction treatment, the fat stores in the area of your face are destroyed, whether by a surgical procedure, freezing method or through administered medicine. Because of this, the effects of your liposuction are permanent, as the fat cells that once existed no longer remain. However, this permanence is dependent upon a couple of different factors. While the fat cells that once existed in the concentrated area of your face may be destroyed from your liposuction treatment, the permanence of this method depends on how capable the patient is at maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle in order to prevent further development of fat cells in the treatment area. If fat begins to reappear after a certain amount of time, it does not mean that the liposuction did not work or hold, but simply that something else is contributing to the restoration of fat molecules in this area of your face. Facial liposuction can also be accompanied by minor and unlikely side effects that could affect the final appearance of your treatment, but, by definition, facial liposuction is a permanent treatment for fat cells. Schedule your first consultation appointment for a face liposuction in Beverly Hills today when you call the talented team at LidLift now!

What to Expect After Your Facial Liposuction

After you have received a personalized face liposuction in Beverly Hills, it is normal to have signs of bruising, and some pain, but most significant pain should be able to alleviate using over the counter medications. A few days after the treatment, your doctor will have you come back into the office for a checkup and to remove any bandaging from the treatment area. Your results will be significantly visible after this initial recovery period and you will be able to notice that the treatment site is looking slimmer and more youthful! Because facial liposuction is performed in predominantly smaller areas of the body and deals with smaller quantities of fat cells, your recovery process should only be a mildly painful experience. If you experience more intense pain or notice symptoms that alter the ability to use regular facial mobilities, contact your doctor immediately to get a closer look. During your recovery period, it may be more beneficial for you to keep soft or liquid foods at home in order to avoid adding stressors to your healing facial features. If your procedure included an oral incision, you may also be prescribed a limited and restricted diet in order to avoid the possibility of inciting an infection. Following treatment, you could be scheduled to recover for up to two weeks depending on the kind of procedure you and your doctor agreed on. Make sure you go over all of the recovery specifics with your doctor before approving a final surgery date and be sure to have the availability to take time off from work, as well as have a scheduled loved one or helper available to you during that time. Schedule your first consultation for a face liposuction in Beverly Hills with a qualified professional from LidLift today!

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