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Hughes Flap Eyelid Reconstruction Overview

Published on December 20, 2015


Repairing Lower Eyelid Injury and Damage: Hughes Flap Eyelid ReconstructionHughes Flap Eyelid Reconstruction Overview

The eye is truly one of the most amazing wonders of human engineering, both stunningly complex and surprisingly fragile. And while we may think less about them, the eyelids are equally amazing, protecting the eye from dust, dirt, air-borne pollutants, and the potentially damaging touch of foreign objects (like fingers), while at the same time keeping the eye moist and comfortable. Unfortunately, because of their central position in one of the most exposed areas of the body, the eyelids are extremely susceptible to disease, injury, and trauma, any of which can damage the eyelids’ protective functionality and undermine the natural balance and harmony of the face that gives each person their unique beauty.

If your lower eyelid has been damaged by injury or has been impacted by a disease such as skin cancer, reconstructive eye surgery may be able to restore some or all of the critical functionality of the eyelid, as well as dramatically improve the aesthetic appearance of the damaged area. Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir is a world-renowned oculofacial and cosmetic surgeon with extensive experience performing advanced reconstructive techniques such as the tarsoconjunctival flap, otherwise known as the Hughes flap named after one of the pioneers in Oculoplastic Surgery, Dr. Wendell Hughes. The Hughes flap and other cutting-edge eyelid reconstruction techniques enable skilled surgeons such as Dr. Steinsapir to utilize existing tissue from undamaged areas of the eyelid and/or cheek to rebuild the structures and tissues necessary for complete and effective reconstruction of the damaged lid.

Traumatic Injury to the Eye

Although traumatic injury to the eye such as a fracture of the orbital bone or damage to the underlying support structure of the eyelids may involve significant trauma to the lower eyelid, the most common reason for reconstructive eye surgery on the lower eyelid is to repair damage caused by surgical treatment of skin cancer. One of the most common and deadly forms of cancer, skin cancer is usually caused by constant and daily exposure to the sun. When diagnosed early, cancerous tumors and pre-cancerous lesions on the eyelids can be effectively treated with a precise surgical technique known as Mohs’ cancer surgery. This technique is both highly effective at completely removing cancerous tissue and minimizing the removal of healthy tissue near the tumor or lesion; however, the patient may be left with a highly visible wound or scar that impedes both the functionality and natural beauty of the eyelid.

Dr. Steinsapir is uniquely qualified to perform cutting-edge eye surgery and cosmetic surgery including technically challenging techniques such as the Hughes flap eye reconstruction. As a Board Certified Ophthalmologist, he is one of only 500 members worldwide of the prestigious American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Moreover, he has fellowship training in both cosmetic surgery and oculofacial microsurgery, and has developed an international reputation for his innovative, less aggressive eye surgery techniques. In fact, patients from around the world travel to his private surgical practice in Los Angeles to benefit from his technical efficiency, surgical excellence, and clinical precision.

If you believe you require reconstructive eye surgery on the lower eyelid, or would like further information about cosmetic surgery or eye surgery with Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir, we encourage you to contact our Beverly Hills office for a consultation today.

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