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How Much Does Revision Eyelid Surgery Cost?

Published onJanuary 15, 2015


Revision Eyelid Surgery Cost

Eyelid revision is a procedure carried out when an initial eyelid surgery did not give expected results and the individual is motivated to improve the situation. Since the eyelid revision operates upon an area that has already undergone surgery, it is a complicated procedure. Reasons for carrying out this surgery include asymmetry, contour abnormalities, high eyelid height, difficulty closing the eye, and chronic corneal exposure and dryness after surgery. The necessary work is much more intricate than an initial eyelid surgery. Often a unique surgery must be designed to address the issues that cause the concern.

Before and after

Before the revision eyelid surgery, your doctor will perform a very detail consultation. This will form the basis for what reconstructive surgery is recommended. Generally there will be a pre-surgical visit at which time the surgeon will go through the surgical consent, review the what is expected of you prior to surgery, during, and after surgery. You will be given your post operative prescriptions and asked to fill them prior to the surgery. If you are recovering at home, it is a good idea to stock the kitchen to make things easier during your first few days of recovery.

Revisional surgery takes time. It is far more complicated than primary eyelid surgery uncomplicated by lost tissue and scar. These procedure are seldom less than 2 hours and durations of 4 to 5 hours and longer are not uncommon. Surgery is not a race. Your surgeon will take the time needed to get things right. After the surgery, you will be observed in a recovery room before discharge. Many of our patients elect to have one or two days of recovery at a well know recovery hospital in Santa Monica. If it is necessary to bandage the eye closed after surgery only one eye will be operated on at a time. Your surgeon will discuss these details with you based on precisely what you need.

Cost of eyelid surgery

There are many costs associated with an eyelid surgery, including anesthesia cost, surgeon fees, and facility costs. Surgery cost can only be determined based on a very careful personal assessment by your surgeon. There are fees for the average price of cosmetic blepharoplasty. These fees have no relationship to the cost of revisional surgery. Dr. Steinsapir is very aware that often the cost of fixing the eyelids is an unexpected expense on top of what was already paid for the initial procedure. Fortunately, the revisional surgery result is often better than what could have been accomplished by the original surgeon if things had gone smoothly. Dr. Steinsapir’s approach to aesthetic restoration of eyelids after unsatisfactory eyelid surgery is meticulous. It is his goal to restore the eyelids to a result that exceeds what the original surgery could accomplish. We encourage you to study his revisional work to see how he is able to accomplish this in many cases. In cases, where this type of expectation is unrealistic, Dr. Steinsapir will carefully discuss the limitation of what can be expected and why. While we can not tell you what your surgery will cost until Dr. Steinsapir has examined you, at the time of that visit we will be able to provide a very accurate quote for your surgery base on his finding. Unfortunately it is not possible to accomplish this assessment by Skype, email, or based on photographs or video. You should be skeptical of surgeons who tell you that this is possible.

The first step is to contact Dr. Steinsapir’s office. His staff is knowledgable and compassionate. They have worked with Dr. Steinsapir for many years. For many, that phone conversation is the first clear information they have had since the disappointment of their original surgery. Faith, Dr. Steinsapir’s medical counselor, will provide you extensive information regarding what to expect and how to proceed. She will coordinate your consultation and when you are ready, help you move forward to have the corrective surgery you need with Dr. Steinsapir.

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