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How Much Does Forehead Lift Surgery Cost?

Published onMarch 29, 2016

Forehead Lift Surgery | Procedure Cost | Beverly Hills |Los AngelesForehead lift surgery is an ideal cosmetic surgery procedure for anyone concerned about the appearance of furrows and lines between the eyes and/or across the brow or hooding (lateral skin folds) between the eyebrows and eyelids, or who is simply “tired” of always looking tired. Whether performed alone or in conjunction with eyelid lift surgery or other cosmetic surgery procedure, a forehead lift can dramatically reverse the lines and wrinkles at the root of your perpetually unhappy or exhausted appearance, literally turning back the hands of time to restore your smooth, youthful brow and enhance your energetic, youthful appearance!

Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir, a highly skilled and artistically talented oculofacial and cosmetic surgeon with a private surgical practice in Beverly Hills, CA, offers his patients a unique combination of extensive experience, less aggressive surgical techniques, and a truly personalized approach that together consistently deliver natural-looking rejuvenation with less discomfort, less downtime, and less risk of complications and side effects. When performing forehead lift surgery, for instance, Dr. Steinsapir utilizes an advanced endoscopic technique that allows for precise surgical manipulation through very small incisions hidden within the hairline. This advanced technique avoids potential side effects common after older techniques involving large incisions across the top of the brow, and enables highly effective rejuvenation without the risk of numbing, tingling, or hair loss.


I’m Interested in a Forehead Lift: Can I Get an Estimate Online or Through Email?

Unfortunately, the answer to this frequently-asked question is always “no.” Dr. Steinsapir does not provide cost estimates based only on a photo exchanged online or via email; moreover, he urges extreme caution when dealing with a surgical practice which is willing to offer a cost estimate without an in-person consultation. The fact is that in order to consistently achieve rejuvenating results that are natural-looking and enhance your youthful appearance, it is critical that your forehead lift surgery be 100% tailored to your unique facial anatomy. Therefore, the exact cost of your surgery will depend entirely on the details of the surgical plan that Dr. Steinsapir develops, in consultation with you, during your in-person consultation.


So, How Can I Get a Cost Estimate for my Forehead Lift Surgery?

If you believe you are a candidate for forehead lift surgery and would like a realistic cost estimate before deciding whether to proceed with the surgery, the next step is to schedule an in-person consultation with Dr. Steinsapir. During this consultation, Dr. Steinsapir will work with you to identify your aesthetic goals and then develop a surgical plan designed to achieve those goals. Once the details of your procedure have been fine-tuned, Dr. Steinsapir will provide you with a comprehensive cost estimate including all pre- and post-operative consultations, hospital and anesthesia fees, and all other known standard fees.

If you would like more information on forehead lift surgery or any other eye surgery or cosmetic surgery with Dr. Steinsapir, or you are ready to schedule your consultation, we encourage you to call our Los Angeles office today; we look forward to hearing from you!

To learn more about procedures and treatments performed by Beverly Hills | Los Angeles Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir, contact us at 310-274-7422.

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