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Midface Surgery

Aesthetic Restorative Concern: 52-year old woman who had silicone cheek implants placed twenty years before. At the time she also had a facelift and a four-eyelid blepharoplasty. She has a history of a prominent left eye. She is unhappy with the hollow under her eyes and the puckering around her cheek implants.

Diagnosis: Her prior cosmetic surgery held up for her for quite some time. It is probable that she did not need all the procedures she had at age 32.   Cheek implant are quite often not the answer for a given face. They tend to create a fakey cheek volume. In our youth there may be enough facial volume to cover this aesthetic issue but as we age, the loss of fat reveals the problematic volume.

Treatment: The old cheek implants were removed and replaced with hand carved cheek implants of ePTFE that were fixed to the inferior orbital rim. The cheek was then vertically lifted on to the implant. The lower eyelid complex was then chemically peeled to improve the lower eyelid wrinkles.