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Eyelid Surgery


Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic Concern:  22-year-old man bothered by the fullness in the lower eyelids.

Diagnosis: The fullness in the lower eyelid is due to orbital fat that is visible because of a descent of the cheek fat pad.  Classically transconjunctival surgery to remove lower eyelid fat would be offered to an individual with this set of issues.  However, due to the descent of the cheek fat, removal of the lower eyelid fat without addressing the descent of the cheek fat would only accentuate the hollow under the eyes.

Treatment:  An arcus marginalis surgery was performed.  This conserves the lower eyelid fat, which is rotated out of the lower eyelid space and onto the top of the cheek fat softening the lower eyelid hollow.  Recovery is typically 8-10 days.  Surgery can be performed in the office procedure suite under local anesthesia.

Eyelid Surgery
Eyelid Surgery