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Chemical Peels


Full Face Chemical Peel

Cosmetic Concern: 52-year old woman unhappy with the fine wrinkles around the mouth and lower eyelids. She also is bothered the sun freckles and a general yellowing of her complexion. She had several girl friends that had CO2 laser resurfacing. She felt that their results were unnatural and she was interested in alternatives to laser resurfacing.

1. Lower eyelid wrinkles and herniated orbital fat.
2. Upper lip wrinkles (smoker’s lines).
3. Generalized sun damage.

Treatment: Full-face chemical peel.

Discussion: Her chemical peel was individualized and tailored to her needs. The lower eyelid and perioral area were peeled more deeply than the surrounding facial areas. The chemical peel of the lower eyelids has the capacity to stimulate enough new collagen formation to help flatten the undereye circle as well as smoothing the lower eyelid wrinkles. The after picture was taken 4 years after her chemical peel. Dr. Steinsapir is a master chemical peeler. Thanks to his innovative approach, this peel can be comfortably performed under local anesthesia in the office procedure suite. Her skin was intact and ready for make up in 8 days.

Chemical Peels
Chemical Peels