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Asian Eyelid Surgery


Revisional Asian (Double Fold) Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic Concern: 29-year-old woman with prior unsatisfactory eyelid surgery. She feels too much of the upper eyelid folds were removed, Westernizing her upper eyelids.

1. Over-aggressive prior blepharoplasty
2. Uncorrected upper eyelid ptosis

1. Upper eyelid ptosis surgery 2. Anchor blepharoplasty.

Discussion: By correcting the upper eyelid ptosis, the excessive amount of exposed upper eyelid platform was reduced placing the upper eyelid folds in better balance with the upper eyelid folds. Although it is very difficult to increase the size of the upper eyelid fold, the presence of upper eyelid ptosis created the opportunity to restore upper eyelid harmony.  Properly lid platform design was critical to achieve the result.

Asian Eyelid Surgery
Asian Eyelid Surgery