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Asian Eyelid Surgery


Asian (Double Fold) Eyelid Surgery and Facial Liposuction

Cosmetic Concern: 49-year-old woman looking to rejuvenate her appearance. Her concerns were her eyes and lower face. She elected to have eyelid surgery and lower face and neck liposuction.

1. Hooding of the upper eyelids
2. Herniated lower eyelid fat
3. Fullness of the lower face and neck

1. Upper and lower eyelid surgery
2. Lower face and neck liposuction

Discussion: Subtle but natural surgery has refreshed her appearance. The upper eyelid surgery preserves her upper eyelid fold but allows her to hold make-up on her eyelid platform. The lower eyelid surgery was accomplished with a transconjunctival approach without a skin incision. The lower face and neck liposuction further compliments her facial features.

Asian Eyelid Surgery
Asian Eyelid Surgery