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Are Online Consultations for Eyelid Surgery Legit?

Published on April 3, 2020

Beverly Hills, California

Q:I live far away from the office of the Doctor I am interested in seeing. Is Skype or Zoom a good alternative?

A: Skype and Zoom “consultations” are increasingly being offered by surgeons as the sole pre-operative consultation prior to having an eyelid surgery. Dr. Steinsapir thinks that this is a terrible idea. These consultations are nothing but a meet and greet. They simply do not supply a sufficient foundation for moving forward to surgery. However, that is not stopping unethical surgeons from trying to get you to accept that as your sole pre-surgical consultation. Our sincere advice from Dr. Steinsapir: Don’t use a doctor who forces you to accept this no matter how convenient.
As a meet and greet opportunity, a Skype or Zoom visit can make sense for some. If you have heard a surgeon is a jerk, a Skype visit may confirm or disprove that impression. It should never serve as an alternative, however to having an in-person assessment before committing to surgery. Don’t accept cookie cutter surgery. The procedural surgeon who practices this way is telling you that every person basically gets the same surgery, so the actual details are of minimal importance. Surgeons adopt this stance because they really only offer one surgical approach and don’t alter what they do based on their patients’ actual circumstances, motivations, medical conditions, and anatomic findings. Ask yourself if cutting all those corners really makes any sense?

Having surgery is a big decision. Yes, even having eyelid surgery is a big decision. You need to know your surgeon. Your surgeon really needs to know you and your eyelid issues. It is very important to understand the emotional nuances of what you are looking for and why you are motivated to have surgery. There’s just no substitute for that one on one visit with the surgeon. You deserve more than 10-15 minutes of your surgeon’s time. We are busy but we have a duty to do what is right for you and help you understand your choices, why a particular approach makes the most sense for your unique circumstances and anatomic finds. You deserve a thoughtful discussion of those findings and potential, risks, benefits, and likelihood of surgical success. Are there appropriate non-surgical options and do they make sense for you? That is what you should learn in a presurgical consultation.
Most doctors who readily accept online appointments are interested in one thing: Selling themselves. Selling their office. They will lead you into a shallow discussion about their practice and previous surgeries without much depth, giving only so much attention to your concerns, readily agreeing with what you think might be a good surgery rather than discussing options and offering their expertise. They are basically letting you prescribe your own surgery-right or wrong. Don’t be victimized into a scheduled surgery without even having met your surgeon in person for an actual consultation. It would be so convenient if everything could be handled over Skype but it is a transaction that streamlines the surgeons practice at your expense.
You are not a sheet of cookie dough. Don’t accept a predetermined method of operation. Every patient is different, and every recommendation and surgery should be based on your actual needs and concerns.

Doctor Steinsapir does not offer Skype appointments because he is concerned about you and getting the best possible outcome. Potential plastic surgery is about the patient, about getting to know the patient, their concerns, and the anatomic basis for those concerns. No two people are exactly alike. That is while it is critical for your surgeon to take care in getting to know you. Don’t accept a cookie cutter approach that short changes you. It will affect getting the surgical result you are looking to achieve.

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