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Most Popular Cosmetic Facial Procedures

Published onNovember 29, 2018

When you begin to consider what facial cosmetic procedure you should choose from the wide variety of what is available, it is important to research all your options and find the treatment that addresses your specific concerns. All procedures are

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What is Eyelid Ptosis and What Are Your Options?

Published onOctober 9, 2018

If you are dealing with drooping eyelids, ptosis surgery in Beverly Hills may be your best solution. This condition can worsen over time or it could be something you are born with; either way, you should familiarize yourself with what

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Cancer Reconstruction in Beverly Hills – What to Expect

Published onSeptember 25, 2018

Skin cancer has devastating effects on the skin. It can be physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting to deal with the changes your body is going through, especially when you see your skin deteriorate before your eyes. So, what can be

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What to Expect with a Forehead Lift

Published onAugust 16, 2018
female face with wrinkles on her forehead

Have you been considering receiving a forehead lift in Beverly Hills? If so, you have also probably been wondering what to expect before, and following the procedure, as well as what benefits this treatment will lend. Let go of any

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Versatility of Face Lift Procedures

Published onJuly 13, 2018

Often when people think of face lift procedures, they imagine the most common procedure which involves lifting the higher proportions of your face. The truth is that face lift procedures can be a lot of different variations of lifting. Face

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FAQs About Cosmetic Facelift Surgery

Published onJune 18, 2018

There is much information available about cosmetic facelift surgery and how it will impact your face and your budget. At LidLift, we want to help you stay informed with the facts and provide answers to your important questions about receiving

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“Do I have enough skin to fix my upper eyelids?”

Published onJune 18, 2018

This was asked in the first email from one of my patients. She wanted to share her experience but maintain her privacy. The photos are of other patients so she would not be identified. However, I very much appreciate this

Botox Lip Flip-another phony service?

Published onMay 6, 2018

  The procedure called the Botox Lip Flip has caused near social media hysteria and has been featured on “The Doctors.” Articles about the procedure claim that you can stop spending money on fillers because for much less you can

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Is your phone having trouble recognizing your face?

Published onJanuary 18, 2018

An innocent affair Your love affair with fillers might have started innocently enough. A little Voluma here, a squirt of Juvederm there…year after year. Hyaluronic acid fillers are naturally occurring sugar gels that are cross-linked to provide long-term facial volume.

Reducing the appearance of facial pores.

Published onJanuary 1, 2018

Pores of the face can be a cosmetic concern. You are not alone in looking for treatment to reduce facial pore size.  Skin pores are skin openings associated with oil glands and hair follicles. The medical literature states that pores

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