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Q&A with Dr. Steinsapir: Is Facial liposuction right for me?

Published onMarch 8, 2015


I had buccal fat removal done but it thinned my upper cheeks, making my lower cheeks look even fatter. I’m otherwise slender: 5’5″ and 125 lbs. Also can facial liposuction be done under local/in-office? by Hatemycheeks


I read your question and then I saw your picture and did a double take. Honestly you so don’t need a face liposuction. First, let’s talk about this and then I will discuss my concerns and then tell you what I think will help you.

General plastic surgeons are trained to do everything under general anesthesia. It is like a cultural thing. However, they are not the only cats in town to do highly competent liposuction. Dermatologist actually get sued almost 100 times less often than general plastic surgeons for liposuction malpractice and they perform almost identically numbers of cases. Dermatologists tend to prefer liposuction under local anesthesia.

I prefer face and neck liposuction under local. It is a procedure that typically is performed on Thursdays in my office and people return to work on Monday with virtually no evidence that anything was done. Good stuff! In your area Kim Butterwick is a high skilled derm surgeon with an international reputation who performs this and a little further north is Jeffery Klein the derm surgeon who invented tumescent liposuction.

However in looking at your photo, I don’t believe that you needed your buccal fat removed and I don’t believe that you need facial liposuction. (Although we live in a great country where if you knock on enough doors someone will do what you are asking for whether it is right for you or not) Read more by Dr. Steinsapir

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