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Feeling Pressure to Look Feminine

Published onAugust 30, 2011

With an abundance of fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Elle there is a lot of pressure to look a certain way in order to be considered “feminine;” full pouty lips, large eyes, flawless skin, and high, full cheeks are the aesthetic standard these days. The internet has only become a tool to fuel this obsession with female perfection, but the reality is, makeup and Photoshop go a long way in making starlets and models meet the modern standards of beauty. Nevertheless, the desire by women to meet the ideal is strong, and it doesn’t always require major surgery to achieve. More often than not, it’s the little touches that make the big difference and starting small can preserve a more natural look and prevent you from looking like you’ve had major surgery.


Your lips are one of the first parts of your face to appear aged. With a loss of volume and an increase of lines around the the mouth makeup has a tendency to exacerbate the problem by feathering. Full soft lips are not just a sign of beauty, but also a sign of youth. Fortunately, your lips are one of the simplest fixes without the need for surgery. Fillers can provide a very natural solution to lips that are thin or losing volume.

With so many fillers available on the market today – Restylane®, Radiesse, Restylane Lyft®, Juvederm, Artefill, Sculptra, Matridex, and even silicone oil – it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the options. However, not all of these fillers should be used as lip fillers under normal circumstances. Hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, and Restylane Lyft® are much more suitable for lip augmentation than permanent and semi-permanent fillers. This is because they are much more forgiving, do not tend to lump, and can be simply and easily adjusted with the enzyme hyaluronidase.

Dr. Steinsapir prefers the use of Restylane as the best filler for lip volume deficiencies. This is because the lips are very sensitive and irregularities can arise. Fortunately, Restylane doesn’t tend to form bumps, and an experienced physician specialist can skillfully place Restylane for natural looks and long-term benefits.

Under Eye Fill

Dark circles under your eyes, or even a hollowness above your cheekbones is easily improved using a similar method as with the lips. Dr. Steinsapir also prefers Restylane to reduce the appearance of dark circles because it can be easily adjusted. Despite what the old wives tales say about dark circles and getting enough rest, persistent dark circles are actually the result of your lower eyelid muscle showing through the delicate and thin skin of your lower lid area. When there is no subcutaneous fat between the skin and the muscle, the area appears dark and sunken.

The treatment requires a skillful hand but once placed and adjusted, the treatment is completely natural and can’t be detected by others. No wonder this has become the most popular eye dark circles treatment.

It is critical that the injecting physician assess how you do after the treatment because a certain percentage of treatments require an adjustment. Dr. Steinsapir explains that everyone holds a slightly different amount of water in the tissues and small areas of fullness can spoil an otherwise great result. For this reason, he encourages his patients to follow up about a week after treatment to assess how the service has settled.

Microdroplet BOTOX® and Dysport®

Of course, forehead wrinkles and brow lines are considered unfeminine, even among the older generations of stars like Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, and Jane Fonda. Despite all of these women being over 60, all their photographs show them with smooth foreheads and full cheeks despite their features showing other signs of aging. Maintaining a youthful appearance is a large part of looking feminine because it’s these features in women that are signs of femininity.

Unlike standard treatment methods, Microdroplet™ BOTOX® and Dysport create brow lift without forehead paralysis. Microdroplet™ BOTOX® works with greater precision with your facial muscles. The care and interest Dr. Steinsapir has shown in inventing this treatment demonstrates his dedication to achieving a beautiful, more youthful appearance without impeding the ability to express emotion.

Standard injection methods tend to freeze the forehead. The forehead can’t move and the eyebrows drop like stones. What looks good is a gently lifted eyebrow, no crows feet lines or brow pinch, and a forehead with reduced lines that is still able to move. Imagine a BOTOX® or Dysport® treatment that allows you to have natural expressions!

Chemical Peel

Flawless skin has always been the ideal for beauty and as we all age, men and women alike, our skin develops flaws and spots that may not have been there when we were young. But cosmetic products are not marketed to men so there is even more pressure on women to maintain clear, beautiful skin.

There are many types of chemical peels available and they treat many types of concerns, so it can be difficult to figure out which chemical peel is right for you. But the chemical peel is truly an art form with versatile abilities depending on your needs, so it’s vital to understand that for a successful face peel with profound results, you’ll need an expert in performing facial peels who has extensive treatment experience and understands how to combine science and aesthetic planning for the best results possible.

Chemical peels can effectively treat facial concerns like aging skin, fine wrinkles, dark spots, acne, creases, loss of elasticity in the skin, and other concerns. This frequently makes the chemical peel an excellent alternative to surgery that removes excess skin for the lower eyelid. A chemical peel in the eyelid region is a minimally invasive procedure that preserves your natural features while rejuvenating your appearance.

Pigmentation is always an important consideration to any chemical peel. The range in skin colors and complexions is complex, so this is something to consider with your doctor on an individual basis. Fortunately there are many people who can and do benefit from chemical peels. Your doctor can tell you more about skin-types as classified by the Fitzpatrick scale, and let you know what that means for you and your candidacy for a chemical peel. A chemical peel can also help improve concerns with irregular pigmentation.

About Dr. Steinsapir

Dr. Steinsapir of LidLift is a board certified eye surgeon and fellowship-trained in oculoplastic surgery and cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles where he specializes in balanced facial cosmetic surgery for natural results, with an emphasis on minimally invasive techniques, fast recovery time, and leadership in medical technology. Dr. Steinsapir has a private practice and also serves as an Associate Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the Jules Stein Eye Institute, at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Contact us today to learn how Dr. Steinsapir’s experience and training make him an expert in cosmetic surgery, which can be a vital part of your evidence-based treatment plan.

Services described may be “off-label” and lack FDA approval. This article is informational and does not constitute an advertisement for off-label treatment. No services should be provided without a good faith examination by a licensed physician and an informed consent with a discussion of risks, benefits, alternatives, and the likelihood of treatment success. Only you and your treating physician or surgeon can determine if a treatment is right for you.

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